Easy to Grow Cannabis Strains: Kevin Jodrey / Green Flower

Easy-to-grow, doesn’t diminish exquisite quality cannabis. From florals to fuels, veteran cannabis cultivator and breeder Kevin Jodrey shares his expert …


  1. Assuming someone wants to grow hydroponically with dwc, on a 120cm x 120cm tent indoors, using one hlg300 and 4 5lt pots, which would be the best strain to choose from, for maximum yield? I’ve heard hydroponic growing suffers a lot from things such as Azadirachtin.

    Any input is appreciated. Quality video content as always.

  2. I'm looking for seeds that are high CBD and less than one percent THC and I'm having a hard time. If they were autoflower that would be even better. Anyone have any ideas where to look?

  3. I love your content, it's always a pleasure to hear you drop that wisdom. I love to share too, and have been experimenting with breeding and cross breeding. A question that came up recently related to seeds developed indoors vs outdoors. Do you think there's a difference in quality? And re lights, moving from seedlling under led, to veg under 4K CMH, and then flower under 3k CMH and hps; switching light sources and spectrums, is that problematic? I see some new leds that are intended for full cycles, yay or nah? I'd love it if you'll do an appraisal of my small perpetual harvest.

  4. Now where the hell is there any trusted seeds. Or just some clones we can buy. I was thinking about getting into that part. Finding ways to mail clones, so far, I can't get any trusted seeds in Crap a Sota, LOL

  5. Jodrey is THE ONE. I hope everyone and anyone actually realizes who this is and that every piece of information he provides us for FREE, remember to like video so it stays in your log, and make sure your thoroughly sifting thru and absorbing any piece of info u deem valuable as basically every thing including but not even limited to his opinion pieces, as even there you'll be able to cultivate some amazing and some say priceless facts and stuff that's backed up by Kevin's own doing and his own trial and error so as to pass that information on to the public free of charge, well that's specifically the reason I say TAKE NOTES PEOPLE!!!!! Cuz lesser educated Wanna Be Jodreys will charge you thousands for less impactful and less researched and proven "useful info" in seminars and these so called weed colleges popping up everywhere

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