Elon Musk's Psychedelic Secret 🍄

Does Elon Musk use Psychedelics to innovate and creatively solve problems? Let’s look at some clues. Get 2 Free Stocks on WeBull when you deposit $100 …


  1. Not many people I know talk about tripping balls or understand what it means so when I heard him say it after the FH launch, I reached a conclusion about his possible use. It may not be helpful to promote the idea. Possibly it's just that he's from another planet.
    Native Americans refer to certain fungi as Little Teachers and to some plants as Teaching Plants and I believe they are exactly that. However, explaining that to the uninitiated is like describing color to a blind person.

  2. I think he's just a contemporary GENIUS.
    I've done drugs myself and while they make you feel like you have insights and inspiration, I highly doubt Musk's success can be attributed to drugs.

    With that said, I really don't deny that he may do drugs

  3. psychedelics are getting in the helicopter and flying to the top of a random mountain
    meditation is climbing a specific mountain yourself
    one you can control
    the other is just dicking around

  4. Just finished watching all your videos currently on youtube. Finished with the one you started with. Your first one was probably the worst. I guess it is true when they say one gets better over time. BUT your overtime graph is very short amount of time. Great work. I don't know how you have managed this amount of growth over just a couple of weeks.

  5. If you happen to have diabetes, and DON'T live in the USA, you'll get free drugs(also known as insulin), and if you use to much, it's tripping balls…

    And waking up with wierd injuries, so i wish i hadn't experienced it.

  6. That's why he believe that we live in a simulation. Perhaps he has seen the one who control that simulation when taking DMT, and combine them with his scientific hypothesis.

  7. That's why he believe that we live in a simulation. Perhaps he has seen the one who control that simulation when taking DMT, and combine them with his scientific hypothesis.

  8. Yess. Every time I use them I have such revelations. I would like to have about 3 to 4 full doses a year. But the medium is about twice a year. Because is hard to get them. Specially where I live now. I last took them about almost 3 months ago and I been needed them since about a week. To get some big things mentally out of the way. Micro doses I don’t like cause it keeps you emotional though out the longevity of your cycle. Makes you really sensitive, and you got to not be sensitive all the time. It’s best to just do it at least for beginners half doces. Then a full doce is no problem. Each time is like full life lessons and answers. Anyhow it makes sense yup 😎

  9. I think the design of the Cybertruck simply flows directly from the choice of materials to use. Form followed function in this case as purely as it ever could, it just shows Elons powerful belief in good engineering first core principles. He's also done a ton of drugs too no doubt…

  10. He might, but really, take a look at his history. He's been trying to create companies on the cutting edge of the market since he was 12. Most notably the arcade he and Kimball wanted to start in South Africa that did not happen only because his parents would not sign the proper paperwork. There is a trend of innovation and although psychedelics might help balance his crazy physiological cognition, it's not a main component to his success by any means

  11. I'm also a massive fan of the potential and quite obvious direction Elon's mega plan is headed in 😊

    Take into consideration as well, the potential of SpaceX revolutionizing the aerospace and flight transportation market, the massive communication's revolution about to hit us through Starling (overtaking cellular and internet-based communications, data transfer, etc. On a global scale), and the immense potential suggested by the cross-collaboration of these various technologies.

    In my opinion, Elon Musk is set to become the world's first trillionaire.

  12. I think you need more substantive evidence to be so sure that he uses them but I do agree with you on the hunch that he uses psychedelics probably on a micro dose schedule. I use psychedelics on a daily basis and I too think that some of his insightful / empowering behavior is somewhat due to the use of psychedelics.

  13. He obviously uses drugs, anyone who makes that many drug references definitely uses them or has used them in the past. You saw he just couldn’t resist that joint on joe rogan. He knew it would be fire

  14. Salvador Dali:
    I don't do drugs. I am drugs.

    Elon Musk:

    I've used and abused vast quantities of psychedelics in my youth, so I do not write from ignorance. With the perspective of many decades, I can confidently state that the vast majority of whatever wisdom I possess has come from being straight, not from my youthful excess. Indeed, I even spent a good six months in which I would likely have been institutionalized for sheer insanity had I fallen into the grips of the establishment. Certainly psychedelics can be useful for many people in appropriately controlled circumstances, but they are far from necessary for profound insight. I suspect that Elon Musk's success mostly stems from a stratospheric level of IQ, a youth steeped in literary hard science fiction, and an obsessive willpower to do justice to his status as the hero protagonist of a Heinlein novel.

  15. After reading Elon's Book, I know for a fact certain that he has a Photographic Memory. His family use to call him The Miracle Boy, or something similar, because he always remembered ANYTHING he read to the letter! — So Elon has an ORGANIC Edge that few can imitate! — He is, by far, The Exception, Not even close to being The-Rule! — And THAT is but one of the primary reasons TESLA is the largest position in my tiny portfolio! — When Elon landed those Rocket STANDING-UP, I was BLOWN AWAY, and Immediately KNEW He Was A GENIUS! — He has recently opened my eyes to how backwards, non-innovative and GREEDY the FOSSIL Fuel Industry and Auto makers are! — And more recently yet again, they Admit that, Like Big-Tobacco, THEY KNEW what Burning Fossil Fuels would do to OUR Planet, and the BASTARDS did it ANYWAY! — This Makes My Blood BOIL! — The UNBRIDLED ARROGANCE is STAGGERING! — With That in mind, I'm All-IN on TESLA to get Even with Those Bastards, The Russian and The Saudi Arabian Oil barrons for all they have done to America From 911 to Putting "That-Filthy-Thing" in OUR Presidency! — TESLA will take them ALL Out Without firing a shot! — And That's why I sleep like a baby every night, and use Every spare Dime I have to buy as much Tesla, ARKK and Chinese Stocks (TENSEN, ALIBABA), I can get my hands on! — Sorry for mono-logging. I'm also on the list for a CYBER TRUCK as well! Keep up the phenomenal insightful analysis and inspiration for all critical thinking people of the world!

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