Fibromyalgia: Mayo Clinic Radio

On the Mayo Clinic Radio podcast, Dr. Christopher Aakre, an internal medicine specialist in Mayo Clinic’s Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Clinic, discusses …


  1. This is why I can’t stand going to doctors because they spend so much time trying to understand it versus actually figuring out what’s best for fibromyalgia.
    It’s an epidemic at this point because fibromyalgia used to affect women in their 30-40’s apparently. Now you hear more of the younger ages, such as myself, dealing with fibromyalgia. I’m 24.

  2. She has no idea! I’m surprised she didn’t roll her eyes! Shameful. I wouldn’t wish this on Anyone! My father gave it to me and I passed it to all my children. I lived in Hell until I was finally diagnosed in the mid 80s. And 10 years ago I Finally found something that helps a lot. For the first time in my life I’ve been almost totally out of pain! I couldn’t believe it! I had no idea what “Normal” was. Growing up I actually thought it was normal to always be in pain. I tried the drugs that have been approved and they made me crazy and didn’t work. A dr had me try Tramadol. It works!! Thank you God!! And now they’ve reclassified it! Grrrrrrr! Smh! I’ll Never go back to that Hell! EVER!! I loved having my children walk on my legs! Hurt so good! I’m 65 now. And 3 daze before weather I get achy but nothing like it use to be! I’m still up and down all night. But nothing like it use to be. No more crying. No more tucking my legs up under me to numb them out. I use to beg my husband to knock me out. Lord I’m so glad I found tramadol. Now if only they’ll continue to allow me to have it. They’ve gotten Rediculous with pain killers. It’s not fair that just because of some jerks abuse it they should make us live in hell. I grew up being called a hypochondriac. It got so bad I just suffered in silence. God bless you all that are living with this. Praying some day they’ll find a cure. It has so many horrific side effects. Sleep deprivation being the worst. But I’m one hell of a weatherman! Haha! Truth! As soon as the barometric pressure changes it’s on! I figured that out before I hit my 20s. Blessings, G’ma

  3. I’ve had my diagnosis of fibro for 12 years. I’ve recently been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. My pain is horrible! This video explains the amplification of my PA pain. When I was diagnosed with fibro, my SED and CRP were about 90 times the norm. Are you still looking at these inflammatory markers when diagnosing fibro?

  4. So.. Mayo Clinic is on the record saying what us diagnosed with fibromyalgia will suffer in worse than regular pain for the rest of our lives because their is no cure, and because nothing will happen to us, we can tough it out with no pain meds to give us some sort of quality of life. It's not in our heads yet it we need to use midefulness for pain control, gotcha! Next 60 years are gonna be awesome!

  5. It can do more than affect your quality of life.. It can combine with neuropathic pain to produce such a serious and continuous pain, that life is not worth living, unless the person is treated with strong opioids..Most people only experience pain in response to a movement or tissue damage. Fibromyalgia is just there for seemingly no reason, in an otherwise healthy individual.

  6. Kinda effects you’re quality of life, lol!!
    She’s so annoyingly happy it’s distracting!! Not a very good candidate to conduct this interview! I have a hard time believing it will ever be taken seriously!!!

  7. Weird how everyone i known with this is on benefits and only seems to be "sick" when it suits them!! Mostly women as well and never working just makes it easier to claim benefits aand it sounds serious! But actually is not!! Walking with those stick things like the great slobs they are!!!

  8. I don't even know if I'll have a bed to sleep in cuz I'm on social security. One check from homelessness with fibromyalgia and neck my back problems. I've had fibromyalgia for almost 20 years and I keep going through the same vicious cycle with the doctors. I lost almost everything dear to me, even the will to live once upon a time. My digestive system is messed up from taking a lot of pills. I've been treated for allergies. I asked the doctor if I'm having a reaction to the fillers they are using in the pills. He didn't know. So I did my own research. The patents the medications aren't able to give you that information due to patents.Now I'm working on getting liquid, patches and crushing my pills. The wellness works good because it gives you time to know and learn what are your limitations. People can be very pushy and the paperwork is just unbearable as far as resources. It really helps to have a good support system. I don't mean people who complain and be noticeably impatiens. They'll make the problems worse. Wellness is the way to go. It's a long process because you got to learn how to put yourself first. It's hard when you're trying to just keep your bare necessities in order. I know there's got to be some doctors/healers out there as well.Some took my money and said I was crazy. Don't worry about what people think about you. Take your time and do what you need to do for your wellness. Peace be with being.

  9. Yes there are complications if ignored. I have so much pain several times now it has been brushed off by doctors or even myself that health issues have been missed and untreated. My biggest fear is cancer or heart disease etc not being detected early because I can't live in my doctors office and check everything going on in my body.

  10. I have fibromyalgia and it causes a lot of amplified pain and I also have venous insufficiency so my legs ach all the time worse my skin feels like I have a rug burn on the outside sensation sensitive when I was 14 they did the tender point test on me I am not a twin but I am the only person in my family to have fibro but my cousin has lupus

  11. I would prescribe psylocibin mushrooms for this and any other psychosomatic illness like M.E/CFS to fix their fucked up brains. Even the people who fall for the whole physiological meme agree shrooms help. How could that be the case unless it were psychosomatic? These hysterical women get offended too quickly, I'm probably more mentally ill than any of them but only insofar as my homicidal urges. Good day!

  12. MD's are worthless when it comes to this condition, and these questions are smug at best. Better to find a Naturopath and a talented Acupuncturist, than pay Mayo for ideas like, "go meditate"–you can do that without them.

  13. Do they use the same reactions while talking about bone cancer? ….. I bet they don’t …. yet my life is worse, with cancer I ll get insurance and I know I soon will die without being worried with my future. With this I m dying slowly seeing changes to my ability levels, changes to who I was, and yet I don’t die and am early in my life. This is far worse.

  14. why are they all smiling, I'm you tubing this because both my sisters have it and out of nowhere I've suddenly got aching and muscle pain everywhere, it sounds very alike what im experincing and i don't find it a smiling matter x-D

  15. Tried those didnt work. Massage makes my worse. It hurts to be touched at times. Being in a pool and walking slowly helps at the time but then I might not get out of bed for a day or week or a month

  16. My family don't understand they say get a hobby or exercise and I try. Sweeping a floor by the end of the day I can't hardly left my arms or walk. Some days I cant think blurry vision, or just no energy to take a shower or get out of bed. I also have nerve damage due to back surgery went wrong. Sciatica pain is severe but the it doesn't compare to fibromyalgia. Tried pain meds and management, specialist. It's hard when they don't understand

  17. My headaches are like someone is pulling my brain out of my head. Arms back legs hands feet feel like someone is taking a hammer and hitting me down my my body. Fatigue, insomnia, constipation, stomach nausea or upset. I cry alot

  18. If you say it's a syndrome I swear I'm going to scream!!!! The more people call this a syndrome, the less likely it is to get help or for Drs to take this seriously!!! It's absolutely despicable to me who's had it since I was 32! I'm now 50! So for heaven's sake STOP CALLING IT A SYNDROME!!!!!! FIBRO IS A DISEASE!!!!!! NOT A SYNDROME!!!!!

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