"Finally" – Lowell Herb Co Long Form Commercial

An homage to agrarian California pioneer farm culture, while referencing new opportunities in the dawn of cannabis legalization. The ad highlights the American …


  1. Commercial looked legit.. The packaging is very nice, glass joint tube (I had the gram pre roll) Hell's fire og, also the Royal Razzberry. I'd have to say it doesn't seem to be as advertised 'Whole flower/no shake' but it seems to be BARELY a mediocre product.
    I didn't care for it… It's just alright, if that.

  2. Lowell is a great company with a great product. Bella Thorne is very cool. However, she's also hugely popular with the younger (under 21) generation. Surely you can see that a large percentage of Bella's millions of followers are under 21. So, why use her as your spokesperson? If you want this industry to succeed then you need to take extra care not to market your product to teens. Lowell – you are better than this! Don't bring the whole industry down by doing what the bad guys have done in the past to sell more of their product. I hope you have a plan in place for how you're going to get Bella to educate her teenage audience on the risks of substance misuse.

  3. I saw that abc turned down y’alls add for the oscars. It’s sad that this company was willing to spend 2 million just to air this. More people need to see the positive effects of cannabis and need to stop looking down upon it.

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