First week of Flower Cannabis grow update 2019 weed flowers

everyone thanks for joining me it’s ossining there once again today we’re going to talk about the first week of flower in the importance of the light schedule and …


  1. Have a friend who uses bat guano for fertilizer, nothing else. Honestly, I have been smoking almost daily for 30+ years. Her weed is the stickiest, smelliest, best tasting, great buzz, that I have ever smoked. She calls it "Bat Shit". She is in her 70s, and grows in her attic. She doesn't smoke it. She sells to supplement her income.

  2. You're doing a great job thanks! I drew the short straw on cancer. Came down with a nasty case of colon cancer that has spread to my liver. So I take a gram of 50/50 thc and cbd rick simpson oil. I'm going full bore into the alternatives rather than taking their chemo and radiation. Fasting, low carb, supplements, Vitamin C delivered by an I.V. at my naturopath office. The only thing I'm not doing is chemo and radiation and I'll avoid that if I can. My weight has gone from 245 to 167 and I feel amazing!
    Try to avoid cancer though. It's expensive. My I.V. treatments are 233 each, or around 1800 a month, and my RSO sets me back about 20 bucks a day or 600 a month, Plus all the supplements. Thank goodness I socked away a few bitcoins. Not rich or anything but it's enough to let me handle this problem without holding down a 9 to 5 job.
    I heard that once a plant starts to flower, that they emit a horrible stench, enough to cause neighbors to complain.

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