Fluence Grow Lights at Franklin BioScience Cannabis Vertical Farm

Franklin BioScience recently conducted multiple controlled experiments to determine what lighting solution they would use in their new Las Vegas, NV cannabis …


  1. Hello Fluence I'm old school, I use H.P.S. & M.H . I have been wanting to switch to LED , but am reluctent,with all the choices. I would like to try your spydrx plus. On a trial basis, if I like I bye , if not I will send back at own expence. I have a small u-tube chanel under the name , Cannabis Sativa. Go to Crop king Seeds ,Cannabis Sativa. Just started a couple months ago , have aproximatly 4 small clips.My editing needs much'o work'''o.Thank-You for your time, hope to hear from you. Have a great Day.

  2. Beautiful design. I can't find anything wrong with it. This is low LED is going to start dominating the market in the next five to ten years. Image having to change 500 bulbs. Fuck that. And then what do you do with them? Toss them in the trash? Yeah right. This is the future. Now, we just need to flesh out whether HPA is acutally viable, or if LPA is going to win out for scalable commercial viability. Imagine having to toss 3000 hugo cubes, or worse, 3000 buckets of coco coir. Fuck that! I would rather toss out 3000 root balls/stems. But again, amazing facility.

  3. Interesting video. I have seen both Fluence fixtures in action and I must say I am impressed with the trich developmemt and terp profile under LEDs, but I am not impressed with the yield. I regularly pull 2 lbs per enclosed 1000w single-ended hps and my buds are very dense compared to LED grown buds. With co2 I could see these lights hitting the numbers they claim. To me the cost/benefit just doesn't work out. If I had the cooling capacity I would do DE HPS. And I can buy 4 of those for what one of these cost. LED tech is great but not affordable. BTW, some of those buds are showing signs of light or heat stress. Could be the 100+ temps mentioned in the video or could be due to light intensity causing the foxtailing. All around great facility and great looking buds though. I hope Fluence makes there products more affordable in the near future, I would sure like to run a few.

  4. Hello, would you please share what is the average of (μmol m-2 s-1) & FAR W/m-2 on 1m2 say from 40cm of the light source?I am really interesting.I have seen some videos from you where you measuring just the hots spot but I like to see the average 😉 as really looking to buy some of your lights.. Many thanks!

  5. Hi, Do you have any idea of what types of flood tables those are in the pallet racking? Those are great, but I can't seem to find them anywhere. Thanks!!

  6. Great video. Very interested in some details of the video – Why are Fluence SPYDRx PLUS on the bottom layer and Fluence VYPRx PLUS on the top layer of rolling-rack systems used for flowering stage? Why are Fluence SPYDRx PLUS and Fluence RAZRx used in vegetative?

    Can either model be used for both?

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