My cannabis plants are almost ready for harvest! They are all in the flush phase and in this episode I talk a little bit about the flushing process. If you enjoyed this …


  1. I can't believe this is already episode 12 of my grow series! Time flies! The next episode will be the last one of the series and will be the harvest video. It will probably be about 2-3 weeks from now since the plants still need to dry after harvest. I hope you guys have been enjoying my videos so far. My goal is to spread value and make the videos a little entertaining as well. I really don't want anyone falling asleep during my videos 😉 But in all seriousness, your positive vibes really motivate me to keep making videos. So THANK YOU! Cheers!

  2. Hey mr grow it glad I found your page!! Do you let your flush water come up to room temp first and always ph? Or can I flush big pots with the cold garden hose ph 7.5 then run a few gallons of warm ph'd water to finish??

  3. Hey y'all. If you have an EC metre and you are flushing soon then use it. Iv been feeding only water for a week to ten days and was all ready to harvest when I decided to check EC and was blown away to find an EC of 4.3ms on something I was going to cut in 2 days. That won't be happening now.
    Why the hell didn't I check run-off during normal feeding. I'm one lucky Hogg to have anything nice at all finishing. Heed my warning; build up happens in soil; big time!

  4. hey men! i totally love your videos! But regarding the flushing… i do the flushing even 3 weeks before harvesting but the leaves dont even get at least a little yellow at all! something has to be a little funky with the soil or the plant right? i use a home made 500W Cob light, the temperature and humidity are perfectly fine and this thing happens with autos and photoperiod plants… what the heck am I doing wrong? Cheers and keep like that!!!

  5. I recently started working in horticulture. I was wondering if you massaged the roots before transplanting to loosen them from the tight system they're forced into and prepare them for your new medium. sorry if you've been told by now, I just discovered your channel and am going thru your videos. enjoying them

  6. Do u know if tna genetics fixed that isue because I'd like to try queen Ann's revenge but dont want to purchase the wrong one there is also a big price difference between the 2 strands?

  7. Hey love your channel! A QQ why do you only use 5 gallon pots for final pot. Do you think using 7's for final would have any impact on your grows? I just think however much volume it takes over the soil it should be comparable under the soil. I'm new just curious.

  8. Beautiful plants!!! Do plants turn yellow on their own or do you need to start flushing for the yellowing to start. Im asking because it seems my plants have a hard time to ripen. I cant figure out what Im doing wrong. Thanks for the great videos. ✌🌴🌴🌞

  9. 100% it takes a looong time for ur plant to bounce back from being root bound.. iv been faced with this prob abit.. 2 options are racking the roots (i found this technique with bonzi plant vids… or u gota pull the roots out an pull any dead or notted roots out

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