Future Farm Maine_October Harvest

This video gives viewers both a birds-eye and close-up view of the nearly 60000 hemp plants harvested from nearly 40 acres of land in Hersey, ME.


  1. Hello my name is joe interested in your harvesting machine hoping to plant 70 acres next year , can I call the farm mentioned in the video also two thumbs up in the beautiful grow thank in advance

  2. ดูบ้านเมืองที่เจริญแล้ว ปลูกกันเป็นร้อยๆไร่เลย เป็นยารักษาโรคได้ดี

  3. What a shame half of that should go for consumption years ago i found a gov research farm in Vermont they had little signs on the rows telling what kind of weed it was thank you it was good i was deer hunting when i found it

  4. No Brasil é uma bomba atômica, pôr não sabermos fazer o uso correto, achamos que é só acender e puxar, erro inalante e muita burrice acharmos que a maconha não faz mau..

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