GAS HOUSE X HUMBOLDT TERP CONCIL | PASSION ORANGE GUAVA VAPE REVIEW Brand: Gas House x Humboldt Terp Concil Colab Product: Passion …


  1. Hey Off Dank! This is Rob, one of the owners of HTC. First off, thanks so much for purchasing our product and posting this review! It's a high quality production, and we wish you all the best going forward! I took notes while watching and want to answer some of the questions you posed in your review. We have a Type 7 license, which means we can do Volatile Solvent Extraction. No distribution, no testing. We can do R&D testing, but a licensed Distributor has to take possession and hold the product for COA (compliance) testing. Our testing is mostly done through SC Labs in Santa Cruz. We are fortunate to work with Herbl, who has state wide distribution and a truly excellent team of employees. We are probably the smallest extraction company in the state. We run a 10 lb column and use only N-Butane. No CO2, no blending of gases. We are an LLC, but not a "Corporation" in the sense you were inquiring. We have 3 owners, all long time cannabis people, and two employees that we pay a living wage. Northcoast Resource Mgmt or NCRM, is the LLC name we use for our license. We have been Humboldt Terp Council since the proposition 215 days. It's our brand, DBA, and trademarked name. We run small batch, high quality live resin exclusively. We do offer toll processing for some of the best legacy farmers in the state, and are selective about who we work with. We've done processing for folks like Field, TerpHogz, Mendo Inc, and Humboldt Marijuana Co. We don't normally sell bulk oil as a course of business, but ended up with some batches in lieu of cash payment from one client. The website is confusing because TBH, I did most of it myself, and I'm just not very good at it! I used wordpress and spend time when I can, but clearly, it needs some upgrading! Regarding the Emerald Cup, we took 1st, 3rd and 5th in 2018, and took 1st, 2nd and 5th in 2019. We don't have cultivation licenses so we work with the best farmers we can find in our area. We can turn gold into diamonds, but we can't turn straw into gold. Being located in Arcata, and having long time roots in the area gives us access to the best material in the world. Our job is just to preserve the essence of the flowers that the farmers hard work brought to fruition. The cartridge you purchased was one of our first releases. We have since gone away from that ceramic cart because, as you noted, it just doesn't give off a large enough hit. We now use AVD which perform extremely well, with very few malfunctions, and test at None Detected for heavy metals. We recommend 2.4V-2.8V ideally, while many smokers enjoy going up into the 3's. The reason the carts test around 40%-55% THC is because they are pure, unadulterated terpene pour off. They come in around 10%-20% terpenes as well. We don't use any distillate, and we don't modify or decarboxylate diamonds/sauce and reintroduce to raise the THC. They are all small batch releases, intended to be a convenient, unique, flavorful experience. Again, thanks so much for giving us a try! We hope you'll pick up another flavor at Cookies Maywood and let us know! I really like the Banana OG, and the Pressure (another Gas House collab). Cheers!

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