1. When they add some thc ill try it haha… just messing around but i have nothing in my life that prohibits me from enjoying thc so i indulge myself but i definitely see the benefits of cbd over pharmaceuticals

  2. I been using CBD for little over a year for arthritis pain and it has helped me a lot, also got my mom to using it as well for her arthritis pain and depression since my father has passed and she swears by it. She watched me use it and kept saying she liked the Peach Cobbler smell ( my own personal mix I made ).

  3. If this stuff works as advertised. It could've saved me $4000 in emergency room charges due to a stupid panic attack that I thought was a heart attack.

    I could've bought a CZ 805 Bren 2 with that money 😞

  4. I said this in your recent livestream chat but didn't fully elaborate. My aunt had been on a downward spiral since her hysterectomy and mastectomy following a terrible onset of both stage three breast cancer and early ovarian cancer which had completely taken her off guard. She has to pay ridiculous sums in order to procure hormones her body no longer produces, and even this isn't perfect. CBD has given her a healthier and less chaotic option than alcohol for relieving the immense stress she regularly burdens. She tried pot, she tried drowning herself in wine and mimosas, and it did nothing for her but induce further stress. CBD gave her back her mojo and she stayed in real estate throughout the process.

    CBD has also helped me personally to relieve anxiety I get from the prospect of my life going nowhere due to absence of reliable, decent-paying work. I'm young and haven't been given many opportunities to learn skilled labor, which has put me in a bind due to the expensive area my family insists on living in. I'm planning on going back to college this spring and restructuring my degree to something useful rather than general studies, considering nursing since there's a hospital less than 4 minutes from my house that never runs out of demand for help.

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