Gorilla Grow Tent Lite vs Yield Lab: Grow Tent Review and Comparison

This video compares two 4×4 grow tents while reviewing their perks and flaws. We run several tests and analyze their Strength, Fabric, Mylar, and Price.


  1. I just purchased a Gorilla Grow tent and needed to purchase a pair of the E- poles for the top of the tent to hang a light. Just wanted to let everyone know that their shipping policy means that it will take a long time to get your product. They take their time shipping things out!

  2. I gotta be honest, I have a gorilla tent and to be honest, I'm not very impressed. The zipper is indeed badly designed and the seams are not as good as you would expect from a tent this expensive. It is able to be extended however witch is nice if you're growing sativas like I like to do. But if you're not, I would go for a cheaper tent. Especially the ones with white mylar insides reflect light really well.

  3. Who measures the par reading from the surface of the ceiling on the inside of the tent? Then try to use some nonsense as logic to why it was done this way. Hey if you are going to prove that one product s better , then try not to make your test seems more like those infomercials, where even the simplest of a task are made artificially harder to accomplish. At best I would rate your review. as bais, wrong and maybe fraudulent.

  4. I bought my yieldlab tent based on this video. I am not unhappy by any means. This is an awesome tent. Mine is different than the one tested here. My floor pan has the one piece corners like the gorrila tent. I did the same extreme situation test and thanks to the new corner not a single drop of water.

  5. I like the products, but their customer service is above out standing. I was checking on something and called to ask a question and spoke with a young lady named Regine… Wow, Regine answered all my questions in full detail, was super sweet and kind… The company makes you really feel like family and not just some "number" in line waiting… Thanks Growace and thanks Regine!

  6. Id never get a gorilla tent😂 such a bad tent for so much money😂 my 1,50×1,50,2,00 tent was 160 bucks new and there is no light leaks except at the kinda messed up windows cuz the cover isn really straight so at one corner i cant close it all the way but i could glue it and itd be completely dark when u stand in a dark room with light in the tent

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