1. It will only compound NM 's problems.
    (New Mexico already has a lot of problems thatt they can't deal with) this is just another bad decision by the loco governor who will do ANYTHING to get re-elected.

  2. Try having to explain to your 6 yr old child & vulnerable curious teenage nieces what marijuana is,pros cons,cause & effects,&what it’s supposed to be used for!!!😱😤🤬 All because these stores hire people to spark interest & invite everyone to try & make it look like it’s a normal part of life.. News flash UNLESS YOU HAVE A MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION it will only cause you to think & act slow,zombie you out,which can cause an accident,but i do agree it’s better than alcohol,&smells better than disgusting cigarettes…

  3. I am looking forward to all them jobs that this will create! All the money that this will help generate for the people here in New Mexico. I personally don’t care to smoke marijuana but I understand why people choose to do so and this should’ve been passed a long time ago

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