Growing Cannabis in Coco Coir Basics + My ‘Feelings’ On Coco…

An intro to palm peat, coco peat, or just plain old coco: using it as a primary growing medium, rather than as an amendment, issues to watch out for and my …


  1. Just a tip, slow release nutes aka dry amendments is key for coco. When you mix the perlite and coco to fill pots follow the directions on the packaging. At week 3-4 of the plants life top dress with more dry ammendmemts and again at week 4 of flower and ur golden

  2. The big plus for growing in coco vs other hydroponic methods for me is that the plants won't drown or dry out during a power failure. It's a good way to get through the winter storms. I have yet to have a power failure last long enough to trigger flowering during vegetative growing.

  3. 1:21
    "By mid flower, it's almost certain you'll be watering it daily."
    And if you're only watering it daily, it's almost certain you'll have lockout issues from all the salt build up. By mid flower, the plants will be root bound, and require at least 3 fertigation events daily to keep the conductivity of the runoff from spiking.

  4. Get Dr. MJ's book Coco for Cannabis (amazon) and FOLLOW IT!
    Coco is like a high performance automobile, great if you know what you are doing ( or can actually follow good directions) poor if you are less competent or LAZY.
    90% of issues in coco are either not using coco specific nuets, failure to wash and or failure to buffer with cal-mag. Not much of big secret is it… BTW my yield on autoflowering plants DOUBLED going from organics and soil to mineral and coco with CocoTek nuets with zero deficiencies… that is an average of 9 ounces dry per plant. I am not an experienced grower with only about a dozen+ complete grows under my belt but I do my homework. Yeah I flush for 7-9 days but dang thats no trouble.
    Again get Dr. MJ's book Coco for Cannabis (amazon) and FOLLOW IT!

  5. I water my coco in veg every 5-7 days
    I water my coco in flower every 4-5 days.
    When the pots are getting light I water. I spend 350$ in nutes per grow. If I was to water every day Lex it would cost me 3500$ in nutes a grow. So no you do not have to water every day everybody you don't need to. 20 plants/4000w
    8 pounds, so ya no need for that.

  6. There is not much Potassium if the coco is washed properly and it releases slowly. Besides if you treat coco like hydro and water several times per day (in flowering) with runoff you flush that little extra Potassium anyway. So there is no need to use coco nutrients. Use normal hydro nutes and just add Ca+Mg if you have soft water.

  7. Bullshit look at the Facebook groups and other forums soil growers struggle more than anyone else out there yet again more evidence of you not have enough fucking clue what you’re doing show us some evidence but you know how to grow

  8. I’ve said it before mate and I’ll say it again when are we actually going to see you grow something because I honestly do not believe you know what you’re doing you just scavenge the Internet for information

  9. Coco is a challenge, but when you apply it correctly, it can be useful for very specific goals…especially control over inputs…it's a good tool for predictability and research. It's not viable at certain scales unless you have a streamlined processing solution for cleaning, screening and buffering. It's a tool, like most other things…neither "good" nor "bad", but has its own set of challenges…IMO

  10. Wait so because your viewers that have problems are 50% coco that means you shouldn't grow in coco? So if coco wasn't being used what would be #1? Should we stop using that as well? That logic is fallacy. By the way you just discouraged half your viewers. Nice Going.

  11. I've used coco the last 5 years. I use budget coco,Burpee brand. Saw it for $12/bag on Amazon,Walmart sold it for $4/bag. So I bought 100 8-quart bags. Never had an issue,didn't have to wash it. And never added cal-meg because Im an organic tea brewer. Coco has changes my entire grow method,I'll never go back to soil.

  12. I like a da coco , is a little more challenging but easier to control what the plant takes in. Flush and repeat. Use over and over just clean out the roots. Keep up the good work Lex.

  13. i LOVE COCO! my first grow with it was amazing! i was blowing away by the rapped grow and results and the whole experience , i never had any issues ( coco/Atami ) and i grow with CANNA <3 Soil is not my thing.. to slow and experience issues with coco i never did…

  14. If someone sucks in growing will blame anything else but himself
    So because people have problems with coco you advise us to stay away?
    Doesn't work like that man, first try it by yourself and then give your advice, don't count on others
    I made quite a few rounds with coco with great success.

  15. Tried coco, failed twice. The failures were due to my ignorance at the time but either way both times I used Coco. Switched back to a hole in the ground with some poop from the barn for food and things grew stupid big.

  16. Handwatering pure coco twice a day. First time coco-grower. Switching 12/12 tomorrow. No problems thus far. Tap water and LEDs 2×4. Vegged under 1×300 meizhi for 57 and 110 watts draw. Jungle. Now switched light to a spiderfarmer 600 reflector for last days of veg. dimmed to 115 watt draw. Bloom under either both of them for aprox 300 watts of draw or i will go 1xqb 288 v1 + 2xvero29g7 for a total of aprox 300 watts. Just a test.
    Edit: using various cheapo nutes + a little epson. + haha cal and d-vitamin melt tablet sometimes. I just took what i had. Not checking ph or ec/ppm at all. Straight feeling first time.

  17. I have been using a soil/coco mix in fabric pots. Using General Organics for nutes. Have not had any major problems from nutes or from growing media. Results are pretty good but I don't push them to hard.

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