Growing Cannabis outdoors – update –

A update on everything going on Outdoors right now. Trying to keep them under 6 feet. Shading the pots from the sun causing plants to stress. Check out my …


  1. do you pick the leafs off of your cucumber squash or artichoke plants why would you pick the leafs off of cannibis DEFOLIATION is a myth try leaving them alone and seeing how HUGE you buds get only remove dead and dying leafs towards the middle to end of flower to improve airflow over the nugs but other than that you should never remover your fan leaves you dont have to believe me but you should

  2. plants look good, I mulch grass and weeds only I do it in the flower garden. I might use it as top dressing after it mulches down. Hate to throw bugs or something that might attract them to plants in pots. Good luck

  3. Was that you that was telling skip grows and I that you new a way to flower early by giving flowering nutrients and that you were gonna do a vid on it my question is should I give them the flower nutrients when I see the first preflowers ,Thanks

  4. Dude, I don't think some dollar store plant support is gonna cut it lol. Think rebar and net or better yet a cage. By the way, I spent $30 on plastic and bamboo from Dollerama when I went back for more it was sold out. Stock up or you are gonna have branches break with the weight of the buds. Fucking awesome!

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