GW Smoke Break TV – The 2019 Emerald Cup. Mean Gene. Santa Rosa, CA.

GW Smoke Break host Daniel Montero sits down with the one and only Mean Gene. Follow us on Instagram: @meangenefrommendocnio @gwsmokebreaktv …


  1. Dont bring color into t I'm as white as a peice of paper and been to prison twice for drugs just cuz more white guys grow doesn't mean we're excluding black ppl please stop this shit and driving a further wedge between us

  2. based on knowledge alone I have a whole new respect for mene gene outside of breeding he killed by process of elimination getting to the root of the cause no speculation just pure facts. I was blown away how the interview was not what I expected but I left with more knowledge than I expected to gain.

  3. This show is SOOO cool. I am loving the story about dude that grew the seed from the car and said he just didnt want his kids lying and gave them the bud. Generations of growers, so cool

  4. Spot on MeanGene. Some of us aren't about buying the latest and greatest fashion etc. With five kids we do it to have our own medicine. Which in turn frees up funds to feed and cloth our family.

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