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  1. What do you think about autoflower which have flowering days 45 days?
    Specification says 500g/m2. What do you think the yield of one such plant with those specifications is?

  2. how many watts of led are suitable for seedlings? i dont want to bleach them out..i have 130watt 3500k samsung led light or a 240watt 4000k with red boosters in a 80cm x 80cm grow tent..tia

  3. Bro. Way better nutrients to use then Advanced nutrients.. give a smaller company a chance.. Heavy 16, Flora flex nutrients, dakine 420, veg/bloom nutrients, Keygrow solutions nutrients, cyco nutrients are all way better nutrients.. yeah you have to maybe pH. Just depends on your water.. other then that.. looking good.. πŸ”₯

  4. Check it out my friend. Take some of your organic nutes and some molasses and make a tea. Say you top dress once a month, in between those top dressings you should hit them with an organic tea and that will feed them while the top dressing settles in and becomes plant available. Dont overdue the organics on the beginning so you dont burn them but incorporate teas in between top dressing and youll get stellar results. Happy growing my friend.

  5. interesting as i am going fully organic this grow and have just given them a little top dress week 3 and plan on a major top dress in 2 weeks which will include lots of bat crap molasses seaweed fishmeal ..

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