1. really getting into your world,thanks so much for botanicals 101..I'm looking into moving to Idaho ,I'm caregiving dying mom n Fla,is hellish for me,miss the hills n mountains, n thanks again sharing your knowledge..

  2. Natural medicine is the best I had this abcess tooth don't like to take prescriptions I made up something similar to this it did not have onions I'm allergic to them the infection cleared up in 3 days .I also used wild lettuce as a pain killer don't know what I would have done with out it the pain is unbearable. I am now never eating another candy bar .I have been fine for years I ate a fudge caramel naught chocolate covered treat 2 days later I had this tooth infection .

  3. Coolio, self heal has arrived in my garden just this year. I was going to look it up in my reference books so this video has helped a lot. The herb growing in my garden is much more purple however. Obviously I will do my own research just to be sure.

  4. I sure would love to live near you. It is amazing all the herbs that you are able to find. When we are out driving, my eyes are peeled on the road side looking for those plants. I even got "the ole man" to stop so I could get a closer look at a plant today. Thanks again for the video and all the help you give us to heal ourselves. I kind of like how you speed them up. Washing and cutting them up are the easy part. The video is slowed when it needs to be. ✌?❤

  5. I haven't a clue why this video got three thumbs down???
    Whybe unlovin over such a cute and tasteful display of info
    Thank you for your help, time, love , thoughtfulness and mostly the knowledge

  6. As always your videos are a wonder! Your close up and personal shots could not be more clear if I held the item in my hand!
    ? Hummm, is there a time limit for you to video each show? Seems as though you are on higher speed than is ideal for teaching. Many viewers may be in their 50's and up such as I and slowing your video playbacks down would be most appreciated. Its sometimes difficult to comfortably follow the way it is now. ?
    Also, would you not consider actually speaking thru at least parts of each show? You Are the teacher and teachers need to speak sometimes not just play lovely back ground music.
    Thank you for considering my requests. They may increase your following in subscriptions! ?.
    Blessings to you. Not in fanciful made up plant spirits but in Jesus Christ, Creator of ALL Life?. So lets Thank God our Father, Jesus His Son and His Holy Spirit for the herbs and the medicinal properties He placed in them for ours and animals use. ????️??
    Brook? and Opy?? too. ?

  7. Where does this plant grow? I am in western Canada and do not recognize it. Thank you for your videos, you are providing knowledge that would otherwise be suppressed or forgotten.

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