1. Im a canadien and i think the demacrat party is just out right crazy theres still nothing shifft get the fuck out of there your 100%proof my ass where is it caloution where shiffty shiff 100%


  3. retraction god hates more than just sin what we all do and need forgiveness of we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God (shall we continue in sin god forbid) purposely (NO☹️)Does god hate people yes but not all people god hates evil people what does god hate A false witness that speaketh lies and he that soweth discord among the brethren

  4. Mitch McConnell requests to conceal the trail shall be denied. Americans have every right to witness the impeachment trail. The Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi may call for any witnesses. And as for the Biden’s, that should take place in another time. This trail will focus only on the Donald J. Trump impeachment trail.

  5. Democrats need to be embarrassed by this group of mentally retarded racist misfits they have elected. How disgusting, how embarassing, how stupid can a group of congressional Democrats be!

  6. The Dems have only hear say nothing concrete . Non of there witnesses said that Trump broke the law . They want to run the trail in the Senate guess what no way. This trial in the Senate should last 1 day.

  7. At the end Mr. Chabot of Ohio lied on the record,
    The administration moved the military’s BAH which is a housing allowance and moved some of that money to the base pay , so there was no real increase in money to those in service it was actually just moving funds around to make it seem like it was done but in fact was not
    I wish I could dispute this in the house because I do not like a false statement

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  9. Seems to me, one side is as bad as the other. I say fire all of them. And everyone for their self. Just kidding…..when are they going to wise up? I know, let’s build a fire and all sing pitty songs. Woe is me 🤪

  10. Watching the House judiciary committee debating on impeachment is like watching the Mel Brooks movie History of the World when Mel Brooks puts on a toga walks in the Roman Senate meeting saying , bullshit, bullshit, bullshit………. Not everyone will get the joke……..

  11. It's so fitting that the most corrupt party is making the argument "Because the economy is doing well, Trump's corrupt, illegal behavior should be overlooked". That would be like saying "Because I'm a good businessman, it's ok for me to be a serial killer." Proof that the republican party believes money makes everything right.

    Disgusting. Trump for jail!

  12. I have watched everyone of these hearing and all I hear is a bunch of Republicans YELLING and putting on some theatrical performances that make Trump look like a KING. The problem is I am not death, and I am educated enough to listen to the facts and form my own opinions. I am convinced by your fellow Democrats that Donald Trump is Guilty of the Constitutional Crimes and I stand by them for impeachment Trump's removal from office. They have not yelled. They have stood by the facts consistently.. Not slandering the Bidens, Not slandering Hillary Clinton, or Obama. Good theatrics, but poor delivery. IMPEACH NOW

  13. I wish the Democrats would make a point about where is Devin Nunes..Hmmm I wonder.. He is under investigation for being a part of the investigation of the Biden's the exact reason for this current impeachment hearing.. And Republicans are supposed to Work for Americans not Just for Trump..they have their lips on Trumps ass..That isn't right..You are supposed to be impartial.. Where is Nunes? Where is Guilliani..Where is Mick Mulvaney ..where are the people that Trump Blocked from speaking to Congress? Trump is Guilty if he weren't then he wouldn't be blocking ANYONE from speaking..
    Trump is Afraid bc He Cheated.. Democrats need to Call Paul Ryan..J. Gerald. Hebert. From the Campaign Legal Center. And Fred Werthemier from Democracy 21 the signed a FEC complaint again Donald Trump for soliciting Foreign Governments for Campaign Donations..the 11 page document said Trump would match any donations.. The document was dated and notarized June 29 2016..
    Ask those 3 men their signatures were on the document..The said they were telling the truth.
    Ask them ..I googled for this public information..
    Ask the FEC why they didn't report the crime of Trumps campaign non stop emails Soliciting Foreign Governments for Money..That is Against the law..Trump cheated once he will do it again if WE don't stop him

  14. SwallowWell is in the Dublin CA district it’s between two nice cities, Pleasanton and Danville. It’s cut in half by the 580 freeway with chronic traffic conditions because so many can’t afford living close in the “Bay Area”, and live in Tracy, Modesto, Stockton, and other outlying areas. Dublin has no real defined planning and has conflicting developments and looks like a Frankenstein creation. But people shell out 1.5 million + dollars for a home next to commercial buildings with no yard and a street above the home with a very steep driveway going into the garage, or many other issues when building permits are green lighted without planning.
    It’s sort of like how the DemonRat Bastards are acting today !

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