In this video we discuss how and why I go about flushing my Medically legal autoflower cannabis. This video was made for documentary purposes for showing …


  1. My Northern lights auto are now on week 5 of flowering but there aren't any yellow leaves. Should I just be patient and wait for it or use the pistils and trichomes as an indication instead?

  2. Are you overwatering during a flush? I’m new to growing and I have been watering normal amounts of tap water when the plant is thirsty to flush….is this wrong? Should I be giving lots more water?

  3. Dr, I have a few ak 48 and a couple ak railing with a blueberry ghost og, All are looking great ,,, except,,, everyone of them have burnt tips. I tried flushing, raising light ,,led,, backed off on mites to 1/4 strength, I just added some bone meal and bat quana as a too dressing. Any ideas, They are all in full bloom. Thinking I should just leave them alone and let them finish. But want to know cause I'm starting another batch. Every single tip is doing it even the new ones. Thought maybe it was mute burn but flushed with 5 gallons of water each and they are in Wal-Mart bags. Sorry so long, just wanted to give you the whole thing in hopes of your expert option. Thank you. Be blessed

  4. So you flush them but then they stay alive another 2 weeks? What are you feeding them for the last 2 weeks??? That's kind of important information you left out. Are you just giving them water for the last 2 weeks?

  5. Got a question I’m in the process of germinating grapefruit auto and bubblegum auto, this is my first grow in coco from roots organic and it’s a premix that has some nutes in it already will it support the grow of the life of the autos or should I add my advanced nutrients regime, and have you grown these two autos before? And can I do it in my 36’ or are they taller like the diesel you had in yours

  6. So i assume after the big flush … you straight water to finish her out ? What PPM do you shoot for and with an auto , what happens it don't hot your ppm by 2 weeks ?

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