How to buy Hemp Seeds – Hemp Farming Quickie #3

Buying #hemp #seeds can be tricky. There are a lot of different seed companies. Some can be trusted, and some can not. In this video, #FarmerTom gives some …


  1. The government goes on the total Delta-9-THC concentration but even Marijuana grown for recreational use has very little Delta-9-THC in it. What really matters is the THCA content cuz once you apply a flame or substantial heat to that flower the THCA converts to Delta-9-THC as it enters the lungs and bloodstream. I found this very interesting cuz I always thought recreational Marijuana had high Delta-9-THC concentrations naturally. It works the same way with how in hemp CBDA is converted to CBD when heated.

  2. Big tobacco in pharmaceutical companiesare making sure that the small farmers like us stay for so we can't compete in the market because of their unrealistic regulations they have GMO modified that they want us all to buy

  3. Lol we all no that there are no CBD cultivars that will stay under .3 at maturity. I grew 6 variates and test good 15 days before harvest and all spiked above to .5 to .9 total once dried and cured. So that makes hemp illegal and these drug war cops will throw us in jail cause we have hot hemp that was legal at time of test. If USDA don't do a total to .9 or say it's ok above .3 from time of test to harvest. We might as well go down to the welfare line.

  4. Hey tom than you for sharing your info! I appreciate it and hope to see more. We are hoping to join the academy here soon. Just gotta get are ducks in a row first. Looking at 20 acres of hemp here in northern lower peninsula of Michigan. See are hoping to get a good strain that is not cherry wine.
    For some reason that strain has been running hot in Michigan.
    Any suggestion of a strain that can run 12-15% cbd but have some good amounts of pinene, limonene or humulene terps?
    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experience with the rest of us!!!

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