How To: Cartridge Refills

What’s Up BammerLand??? Did you know Cartridge pens are REFILLABLE?!?!?! In this How To: we cover exactly how to refill your cartridge pens! BammerCast …


  1. Gooooood distillate probs😂😂 I suggest using blow dryer method to heat syringe aswell as cart while filling, speeds up the process exponentially I can fill 1 with distillate too thick to come out at room temp in just minutes with blow dryer heating them both rather than layers💀💀😭

  2. I tried using the needle point that came with the syringe and ended up with a huge mess on my hands. It was a waste and not a waste because the whole g was on my cart and hands. I licked off some of it but by the time I walked to the bathroom to wash it off it had been absorbed into my hands or licked off my fingers. I'm so baked because I have close to a g in my system.

  3. Bro there is supossed to be a needle that screws into that thread. If they didn't give u one thats whack and thats a crazy way to fill a c cell id dab it til u get a needle tip

  4. For anyone who fills there own carts(especially with thick liquid). use a bic lighter and take the syringe through the flame a few times and it will flow right in 🙂

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