1. Sorry, but this information is bad and any new grower here that reads this, don't do what they said in this video. They were about on point with the temps between 60-70 F, but you want your humidity between 45-50% NO MORE then 55% (and that's pushing it) to prevent bud rot. The extra 5% they say in the video is where you're gonna get bud rot (botrytis) and then there goes your crop. IF you can only get the humidity down to 60%, MAKE SURE you have good airflow/exchange around the buds so that the moisture coming off of them is dissipated into the air as much as possible and helps prevent it from re settling onto the bud which is where problems will start to brew. As for actually curing the bud (and it irritates me when growers post videos like this without going into detail), when you put your bud into the jar, you definitely don't wanna jam pack it full. you want about a 1-2 inch gap between the top of the bud and the lid so when you burp them, you can jostle the jar moving the buds around to let fresh air into the jar. For the first 7 days, you wanna burp the jar 2-3 times a day. Burping is letting the gasses off-put by the buds out of the jar and fresh air in. When you burp your jar, leave the lid off for 15-20 minutes, making sure to move the bud around in said jar to let fresh air in and the gasses/moisture out. If you notice a moisture build up in the jar, open it immediately, put the buds on a paper towel, and let them sit for 6-12 hrs as they're not dry enough to cure. Then put them back in the jar and resume curing. After that first week, you only need to burp once every 6-12 hrs or, again, if you notice moisture, do as fore mentioned and dump the buds onto a paper towel for 6-12 hrs, then resume curing. After the first 2-3 weeks are through, you only need to burp your jar once a day or every 24 hrs. Do that for about a week and then your buds should be good and ready to go with a very pleasant experience and a juicy terpine profile. If this is how short and sweet info is being handed out to new growers, people either need to do their own research or find a new growing channel to watch because 2 minutes is NOT sufficient to properly explain something as crucial and important as curing. Which, imo, is one of if not the MOST important part of the grow. It's a good way to render months of tlc useless and a complete waste of time. Maybe I should start up my own cannabis channel. SMH!!!!

  2. Doesn't all this rough handling and pouring back and forth cause the buds to lose their trichomes? Its like they're trying to collect the kief that DOES fall off and doible their profit. Someone chime and explain how Im wrong. I just chopped my baby down today and holy fuck if I put the colas in a drum tumbler I'd lose 40% of the trichomes. I handle ALL my plants with the utmost care. And delicately assure that whoever happens to smoke my product they are getting ALL the thc they're paying for. Jesus this is cringe worthy….

  3. how dry should the flower be after wet trim to start cure. I have to dry in my garage in Los Angeles and I don't have a controlled temperature.
    I usually would wait till the stems are browning a little and when the buds snap off stems easily, but now stems are not snapping still and are a bit green after 4 days on hangers.
    If I wait till stems are dry my flowers will crumble, so I make the call to start cure in Turkey bags and c-vault containers now. I hope I'm on track and doing the right thing.
    Please reply, thanks.

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