How to get EVERY DROP out of dab / oil cartridges!

Using defective or near-finished oil dab cartridges, get your meds one last time! By placing oil-coated glass in glass pipe. Toke and carb cap for best results!


  1. When I have like 15-20 cartridges that are vaped to the VERY LAST DROP, to the point that the fuckin cotton is white and you won't even get a burnt hit off it, that tiny little bit of oil that's stuck to the metal and glass, I dab it and collect it on a piece of parchment paper. Drop that on a nail and get a goodass hit! I get roves coz the oil is usually super thick and doesn't really run so it's great for dabbing. Lol

  2. I have a acrylic tank, do you think if I scrapped the oil out after breaking it and then putting it on like the side of the bowl(from a pipe) and hitting it kinda like you would if you were smoking resin out of a pipe, do you think it could work?

    I’m kinda SOL because I can’t even warm up my tank to get it to get to the wick, when I’ve tried I can literally smell the acrylic melting everytime I do.

    And still thank you hella helpful for when I get glass carts!

  3. Also a great tip you can take the top off and put a tiny bit of vape juice into it and shake it up , put the top back on and hit it. After a while. It starts to burn your throat. That’s when you put a little more vape juice in shake it up and you can hit it over and over again if you keep doing this until all the dab oil is out

  4. Best way hands down to get the last hits out of your cartridge is to take an android charger, cut into it and, use the red and black/grey wires. (You can find a tutorial on how to do this on YouTube.) Then you take the black wire, place it on the bottom metal piece and, stick the red wire inside the small hole on the bottom metal piece. After this pull, and you should be able to get all the wax/oil out of your cartilage. Smoke Safe G’s💯

  5. Dude I love it😂 everyone else tryna say I needa buy shit but nah you said fuck it imma crack the bitch open and smoke it out the pipe😂 imma do this shit rn

  6. You can use a hairdryer, lighter or put the cart in a bag/container in some hot water, that way it runs out. Silicone tipped dab tools are good for getting every last drop too. Don't break the glass, you could be getting tiny particles in your lungs 🙄. It's pretty unsafe man. Best way is to melt it out and then you can take it sublingually.

  7. Damn kid, you must have been high AF trying to figure it out. You made this stuff way too difficult, all you need is a BLOW-DRYER!!! It loosens it and makes it flow like water.

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