How to Grow Marijuana (Step-By-Step) Week One

NOTICE: All plants used in video contain ZERO THC. Some plants shown were either cadaver (artificial) or Kenaf. Want to learn how to grow marijuana?


  1. IMPORTANT: Before you read any inaccurate comments below, please be sure to read my REPLY to each of them.

    I'm attempting to provide accurate & free information on "how to grow cannabis" based on science and best practices.

    In regards to me wearing a suit, I just finished teaching a class at our 3,400/sqft Cannabis College in Orlando, FL and I prefer to kill the stigma associated with Marijuana.

    If you have any questions, comment & I'll respond ASAP.

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  2. I enjoyed the video.
    I do have one comment on infection control. I have learned from my job in health care also in home brewing beer (beer brewing must be done in a sanitary environment). So here is my complaint. Those gloves are not any cleaner than your hands were. First you touched the outside of the gloves before you put them on. This transferred contaminates from your hands to the gloves. The first thing you did after that was grab the water jug. Think about how many people touched that jug before you. Did the person who put it on the shelf in the store just come out of the bathroom? Did he wash his hands? Was he petting his dog before he came to work? Did he cough or sneeze in hand? What about the cashier at the store? Think of everything she touched including everyone's money.
    This is the way I do it when I make beer. First I would sanitize my hands.(If I we're going to wear gloves I would also sanitize my gloved hands). Then I would wipe down everything in my work area with sanitizer including the counter, the water jug, and any tools or containers that I am using. If I happen to touch anything that is not sanitized (say I have to scratch my nose) I would resanitize my hands before touching anything that I didn't want contaminated.
    Also I have done a lot of gardening. I have started tomatoes, hot peppers, flowers and herbs indoors from seeds and many different vegetables outdoors from seed. None of these sanitation steps are necessary when growing plants from seeds. In nature seeds just fall to the ground and start to grow. Birds and other animals eat berries and fruits containing seeds. The seeds pass though their body and wherever the bird or animal poops a new plant grows. In fact growing plants in a sterile or sanitized environment is not the best practice. There are many microbes that are beneficial to plants.

  3. PEOPLE DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WATCHING THIS GUYS VIDEOS… He made week one through week 4 and just quit on us all… He's just another STONER giving Cannabis a Bad Name… HE A FAKE!!!

  4. I am Nouar Haitem from Algeria exactly from the province of Annaba and I love the cultivation of Indian cannabis, but sometimes I do not come out full seedlings and I want a video to clarify that and do not forget that I love you …….

  5. Kindly sir, couldn’t you recommend local grow shops for products? Please remember we supplied this industry before it was “mainstream,“ not amazon… don’t shill corporate thugs, please!

  6. lights are not needed during the time the seeds are under the medium. and the temp and humidity is way up there. but whatever works for your group. not bad. but this is for the novice that will hopefully learnnwhat to and what never to do. just my thoughts, only about 20 years… but i love to look at the mistakes i made so i can hopefully find a way to better this finally booming industry
    Humboldt out of skagit county (for now;^)

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