How to grow outdoor cannabis (part 6)

How to grow cannabis outdoor/ outside all natural bud growing video Legal weed run for fun and educational purposes must be over 21 years of age please .


  1. Any of them are MY favorite! Your plants look great, no flowers yet on any of ours, and we have about 30 days left of our growing season. I think we might go with auto flower, or all clones next year, Michigan's growing season is just too short!

  2. OH man your giving away my secret, milk in the garden πŸ‘ i use it for a few things. You must know some of them you're self 🀘 your plants are Beautiful GROWER SMOKER LEARNER'S LOVE β˜• πŸπŸ’š πŸ™

  3. Those are looking really good man. Can you tell us a little more about the milk for feeding? Is that all you're giving them? it's going to be Cola city back there before you know it

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