How to Make CBD E-liquid (Safe & 100% Legal)

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  1. I've bought products that were 350mg / ml. That's 10,500mg per 30ml bottle. So either they are lying or you are off by a factor of 10 from the max concentration.

  2. I use Cannabis Medically and am very interested in vaping it rather than the drops. I wonder which terpenes are best for pain. I wanna DIY my own CBD/THC ejuice. I'm poor and my medical benifits doesn't cover much………AND they make us get it exclusively from ONE company which is SO expensive. Complete rip off.

  3. What if I already have a 70/30VGPG and cbd crystals?
    Can I just add them and shake it daily for a week and it would dissolve?

    Or one shots. 120ml bottles with the flavorings which you add your 70/30 base to it. Europe style.
    Should I just add the crystals, wait to dissolve and then add the base? I mean, yes that's the way to do it… But I'm more curious if it will dissolve in an already 70/30 liquid.

  4. Sorry but the statement about not adding terpenes to THC concentrates is false. Adding terps to THC distillate and C02 oil is extremely common, in fact pretty much the majority of vape cartridges on the market today (legit and black market) have had terpenes added back in. I also personally have a decent little collection of terps that I use to make my own distillate cartridges. Besides THC, C02 oil and distillate are stripped of all their cannabinoids and terpenes and extracted into extremely pure THC (distillate can be 90%+). C02 and distillate by themselves are extremely bland so it's common practice to add terpenes back into the oil when making cartridges. Aside from just flavor and aroma, there's also science that supports the idea that terpenes synergize with the THC to create unique, therapeutic effects depending upon the terp profile.

    People also use terpene "liquifying" blends to liquidize solid concentrates such as shatter, wax, and even rosin to make vape cartridges. Unlike C02 oil or distillate, shatters and waxes still have some of their natural terpenes and cannabinoids but some are lost during extraction. The new jam right now is HTFSE (high terpene full spectrum extracts) and HCFSE (high cannabinoid full spectrum extracts). They're basically able to strip all of the impurities out of cannabis while keeping the natural full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes intact. With these types of extracts it definitely wouldn't make sense to add any additional terpenes.

    BTW I'm mixing my first experimental 10ml batch of CBD e-liquid right now. I added the PG and two drops of peach sorbet terpenes (free sample from Mass Terpenes). I may add more but you never want to overdo it with the terps because they are potent! Best to start low and work your way up. Once I figure out my terpene ratio I might try dissolving the crystals into the terpenes first and then adding the PG because terpenes are a natural solvent. This is my first go at this so I have much experimenting to do. If I decide to make bigger batches I'll definitely pick up the vortexer using your link. ✌️& ❤️

  5. We nab those small plastic ketchup cups from Wendy's and weigh out isolate in them. Bend it a little and dump right in the bottle. Also..a few second in the microwave is much quicker than dealing with boiling water to break down the isolate. Actually the microwave works great for helping mix juices too.Kinda surprised you never do it. Been doing at the shop for 6 years. Hope it helps Wayne! Keep it up!

  6. Vaping a low % of vanilla (im using Vanilla Bean Ice Cream) shortly after vaping terpenes or whatever, it will bring out whatever previously you vaped.

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