1. All that shit is for Uber rich yuppies and corny little kids. I and nobody I know fools around with that shit. Just smoke the shit like it is, natural. Joints or bowls. Who the hell carries a blow torch and a pipe that’s the size of a coffee table. Weed nowadays is too high powered anyway, I like to catch a buzz and still be able to function. Not go into a coma for the rest of the day, that’s not fun at all.

  2. Fuck this shit !! Il leave it up to the pros and buy the finished product ! Unless you grow your own flower, it is not cost effective to do this. I buy an ounce of amazing bud for 200. The best yield on an ounce that had been smashed with the best commercial machines is around 20 percent. That's around 5 to 6 grams of concentrate. If I can buy live rosin for 40 a gram, why the hell would I invest in the smasher, the time and labor to make something I can buy for a few dollars more ?

  3. I've been wanting one for Christmas the past two years But you know how Bill's are:/ lol its amazing how you've built this and all the accessories for us so we can smoke it in a healthier way then all that butane!!! You can tell you really care about your customers ✊💚💨

  4. For the OG. You guys say you need to apply more pressure when pressing more flower. So. This machine being the same pressure each hit of the switch. Will it preform like it should while extracting higher amounts to lower amounts? Looking to buy a unit right now. So. Jw. OG or this one.

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