1. Not sure if you revisit posts but I have a couple questions. I can no longer smoke because of health issues but I want to perfect what you do with the edibles. I can’t afford 50-60 grams of good flower so I will only be using 7.5 grams… maybe 10… I would like to know how much butter to use with that amount? Also during the cooking process In cheesecloth what temp do you heat and maintain butter and water it’s cooking in and for how long… from seed to stoned what is the approximate time? Ty

  2. never seen this way interesting. but wastfull. the proper way it decarb then take the flower and trun to powder then mic with melted butter un salted pref irish butter. then cook just for 30 min on the stove with very little heat just enough to keep it hot but not boile or simmer. add a lid to help keep the water in then after words blend good.. do not strain this makes things stronger and the weed work better. when you strain you are loosing a lot of things from the weed.

  3. Can someone please tell my why I always end up with more water than butter when there’s half the amount of water than there is butter ?…. I use 1/3 butter when I use 2 cups of butter and 1 cup of water .

  4. I cant do sativa edibles. The last time i made butter with some super lemon haze My heart felt like it was gonna beat right out of my chest! It was scary AF at the dose i took. I just stick to using indica leaning hybrids or straight up indica now lol

  5. My apologies, im slow but can someone help me out please with the measurement(i have 14g)… can someone tell me how much cannibus to oil/butter ratio as well as how long does said cannibus need to be decarbed for

  6. Why would you make this tutorial using 50-60g? Who the fuck is your target audience for this?
    Anyone with the shit willing to throw down that much for a pound of budder is NOT likely to need your tutorial in the first place dude.
    Honestly, there has to be a way for you to see your viewing statistics for this video to see how many people watched past that sentence.

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