How to make THC infused coconut oil from rosin chips. And decarboxylating rosin chips

We show you how to decarboxylate roisn chips. Then how to make thc infused coconut oil in A crock pot & in the oven. We will later use this coconut oil to balms …


  1. Always make sure you have liquid over your matteral even it takes a cup of water it actually helps ur oil not get too hot and burn I cook mine for 8 to 12 hrs and during the winter months I do it longer my butter and oils and things I make are better thanshopps just make sure frezz it separate the water out

  2. Good info Thanks. The oven cook left me wondering how. I need a crockpot. Got tons to cook down. Never done it though. I've given boxes of cuttings. Give to locals and they come back at me with green wax and dark dabs. All from my going to be compost leaf's. It's an amazing plant to say the least. Thanks for sharing. It's getting better all the time. Some day soon. For all

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