1. Bro love your video 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻however I really need the answer to this question and would be forever grateful if you could shed some light for me lol ok "could you do everything you did in the video but with organic coconut MTC" if you know I would love an answer and if you don't could you do a little research and make a video testing organic coconut MTC … I'm sure I'm not the only one with this question

  2. Love your videos. It was great gaining so much knowledge. Would love to see a video one day, how you got your knowledge! What do you think the issue is, if I my shatter around 79.8 thc doesn't hit well?; could too much terpenes take the effect out or heating too much?

  3. This juice is so viscous but mine i just a little cloudy and just smoked 7 puffs before my ceramic coil get burned with a very horrible taste 🙁
    I'm sad i loose i complete weak and money for garbage juice D:

  4. Nicely done video, to the point. I've been making my own carts too for months now. After a while you start noticing different types of concentrate crumble, wax, live rosin, etc take less or more heat / stirring. Pretty fun experimenting actually and you know what's going into your cartridges.

  5. This will waste your shatter, its going to end up solidifying and wasting by sticking to the inside of the cartridge. Invest a little more and make yourself some real distillate you are on the right track.

  6. Do it matter what kind of concentrate you use… like was live butter exc. I was gonna get some wax liquidizer or something but not sure of that's the way to go

  7. I’m sure the answer is yes but I just wanna ask you so I can be sure. Should I stay away from products like “Farm to Vape” and “Wax Liquidizer”? I’ve seen only youtubers promote it because they are sponsored but I can’t find any non bias look at those products. I can see they are unnecessary I guess since all I need is terps? Idk just wanted to see what you thought

  8. How many ml would you say 1g of shatter dissolves to? Trying to figure out if I make a batch with 3g of shatter mixed with 1ml of broad spectrum hemp oil with added terpenes how many ml total it would be.

  9. Hey @howtoweed, love your channel and the content keep it up. So I’m looking to stretch my buck a little bit and was wondering if shatter and distillate could be mixed together. And if so would I have to decarb my wax first. I know my distillate is already decarbed.

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