How To Remove Weed Smells From Your Car – Masterson's Car Care

Learn how to remove the nasty weed & marijuana smell from your car! Have you been smoking blunts while driving? Do you dad on the go? Now you can …


  1. Weird stuff like go to Burning Man? Weird hippy stuff? Man, could you insult people even more? We get it, you like to rollerblade to work and your girlfriend irons your underwear, but come one dude. I have friends with cancer that have to smoke weed for pain.
    I hope the customer sees this and calls you out on being a dick.

  2. Hey my car has that dank weed og kush Mary Jane bud cannabis weed pot smell can this strawberry spray get the stinky dank weed og kush Mary Jane bud cannabis weed pot smell out?

  3. If I had a dollar for every time he repeated himself “the smell of cigarettes and marijuana I’m rad into the seats” I wouldn’t have to work another day in my life.

  4. Dude. The reason it smells like weed is mainly due to the ash that’s all over the car. That needs to be removed first by washing the interior. Then all the plastic needs a bath with a mix or ammonia, baking soda and dawn. I mean every inch including seat belts, door jams etc. Then, the cabin air filter must be changed. Then leave a box of baking soda in the car overnight for a few days. Then you can use a masking scent which is temporary. No product out there will remove any odor permanently. If you claim this does, then send me a sample and I’ll be a believer. I’ve been detailing cars for 20 years and nothing can mask an odor permanently. Especially weed.

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