1. *Fuel Filter: The manual for my GT-200r says to use a piece of wire through the filler cap to hook the line and filter. I'm not sure pulling the grommet out was necessary.

  2. what was the white capped hoo dacky part of the fuel lines? my wacker has just stopped for no reason and after seeing this video there's a few things I need to look at 🙂 thanks

  3. Thanks! Mine didn't start after doing this, but I sprayed a little starter fluid in the carb and vroom!; it started right up 😃 Also I took the gas tank completely off and put a little oil on the rubber seal which made it easier to install. Thanks again for this video. ✌🏼

  4. You've encouraged me! I have several weed eaters that have bit the dust over the years. I'm going to tackle them this winter to see if I can get at least one running. You made it look easy. Thank you very much!!!!

  5. yeah, more of this sort of thing would be great! You're right about having to just jump in and do stuff on the farm, but being able to see someone else doing something similar before jumping can help save a lot of time and frustration, sometimes.

  6. John. Putting those lines into the tank with the grommet. Put a little oil on the end of the grommet and it will slide in like butter! I really enjoy your videos. What you are doing is my dream. I'm also in Connecticut.

  7. Good video, I'm sure many folks just junk their weed wacker when it won't start. Try a thin film of Vaseline on the fuel, pluggy, thingy ma bob dealy, makes them a bit easier to slide in. Using the open end wrench was a great idea. Most would go right to the screw driver with disastrous results.

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