1. This screams of hucksterism 17 ways from Sunday. Jesus Christ, you can tell just based on the guy's background. If you have trouble sleeping, see a specialist. Read that Matthew Walker book. I guess if you have thousands of dollars for something that is DEFINITELY BULLSHIT, then indulge your consumerism on this junk. If this did 10% of what they claim, it would be a million dollars and they'd win the Nobel Prize.

  2. Would have liked to have heard, for $4700 how much better is NuCalm versus the many free playlists using Binaural Beats on Spotify (for REM/Deep sleep).
    Similarly, Dave Asprey recently advertised the $500 Zona Plus to lower blood pressure, but how much better is it than doing high-intensity isometric handgrip exercises using a $10 gripper for 15 minutes (2 min at a time), three times a week, 30% of your maximum strength?

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