How to smoke after wisdom tooth removal. Cigarette and weed.

Basic tutorial on how to smoke after a tooth extraction. Cigarette and weed. UPDATE: I never got dry socket! . Music in background is mine. I make beats and …


  1. My dentist's have always said wait at least 72 hours. And usually within 30mins to 8 hours I'm smoking. No dry socket yet. Dont even have to cut the filters off (at least not with camel menthol crush) just inhale very lightly and it still smokes fine.

  2. so you know when u fill out the little general health survey before surgery during consultation, like about medical history and all that… of course i ain’t wanna lie so i did write i smoked bud. lmao little to my surprise they gave me tips on how to smoke post surgery 😝
    i got all 4 pulled monday, it’s thursday, i still haven’t tried it though, being good about it. but it’s kinda common sense don’t make any suction. plus the doc told me “and please don’t come in high, i’ll get u higher than you’ve ever been, i promise!” 😂😂

  3. why is this fool not arrested! this is absolutely crazy!! only a men who is looking for a smoke whilst having his wisdom teeth removed would say that!

  4. I had all 4 pulled & it was bad.. stitches everywhere.. first 5 hours post OP was unreal with pain… I had some people in my corner schooling me on dry sockets with vids and what not…. Shiiiiit… I'm giving this at least 24 hours! From what I can tell, DSockets are hell and not worth it….. I think the more bs u go thru (in the way of excruciating pain) the more weary you are to it… As u go thru life getting fucked up because of this and that, the caution you proceed with intensifies…… I dont smoke cigs or weed but I do vape daily… quite a bit actually….. I popped the hydros they gave and grabbed a nic patch…. It be nice to pull on my vape but meh… I'll survive using tools… Dry socket my ass…. As much pain as I've been in already, I'm not risking making it worse… Good luck

  5. I was gonna try go cold turkey but that shit didn't work lol I still feel slight pressure when I smoking praying my stitches don't come out but this Def helped!

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