1. Best way… just get a bowl of ash and put the dab on top of the ash. Take the hit normally with a lighter, just don’t inhale too hard or you will lose it.

  2. my theory is you need more weed under the dab, I do this all the time actually and I use about 2x's more weed than you and it works great for me. concentrates melt before burning so you want to catch it all in the weed below and snap the whole hit. CHEERS 💨💨
    been smoking since 2003 😂

  3. Just found your channel.I`ve been smoking for over 3o years stopped for a few years till I had a few tokes of shatter know after spending $100 on good weed I finished it and want to get the best pipe or water pipe for some shatter.Across from Detroit in Windsor Canada

  4. I'm a kid who doesn't have money so I will be dry and only have resin. I put a drop in and hit it and it works right. Or if I have no resin in my bowl, I will put tobacco from a cig and put the dab on and hit it and its like a blunt

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