1. I had the I-95 flower from Illera and i was not impressed it was so dry it turned into dust. I will never buy any Illera product again. I got two carts from them that like evaporated basically they went so quickly. All flower I've gotten was so dry and the last concentrate I've gotten from them was the Banana Kush crumble and it tasted awful, it was ok in strength like I def felt it but was highly dissatisfied. I'm glad yours at least tasted good.

  2. The only crumble I got from ilera was GSC and it looked like sludge and was the same color as poop lol if I could post a pic I would. Are you part of Facebook groups lile keystoners, pa. Card holders only, pa strain station etc?

  3. This is exactly how my reaction was when I opened my first Prism/Ilera concentrate, Ecto Cooler crumble. Kind of greenish, smelled alright, I could tell it was cannabis, but nothing that'd smell up a room. Wasn't impressed on my first impression visually and smell-wise, but it was DEFINITELY what I would consider an overly generous amount, like it lasted way longer than other grams, it mixed well with practically any other strain, and it definitely had me feeling where I wanted to be. Definitely not my first choice, but if I was almost out and all they had was Prism, I wouldn't hesitate getting a sugar or crumble again.

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