1. Loved this video! Very relatable. It is 100% true that not telling anyone is the way to go. When I quit alcohol 1.5 years ago, I just stopped talking to certain people and just hung out with non drinking people (or people who actually have other activities they like to do without drinking) and it was EASY. Now I don't miss it at all and will never drink again 🙂 maybe when I get married but honestly I have ZERO urge to do that to myself again. (never had a problem, just didn't like the money spent on it and the side effects of even just 1-2 beers) I'm also 7 years sober from weed but that one took two tries and certain life experiences to make me quit for good. Now I am on my way to business success in main goals I have in my next phase in life 🙂

    Ps. It is always nice when good things happen when you quit bad habits… it re enforces your will to keep going 🙂

  2. Glad to find this video. 71 days in full sobriety, got a new job at a hospital, lost 20lbs, got a better paying job at the county hospital to start in 2020, and looking forward living funcitonally for the first time as an autistic adult. You hear about quitting alcohol and drugs, but it's good to see your video about weed, as that was the #1 culprit in my lifelong battle with my mental condition. Thanks for the message!

  3. This is such an incredible story! I am also at the point where I am ready to quit. What are you thoughts on CBD? Do you think it’s best to stay away from that as well? Thanks

  4. There is an smart phone app if anyone is struggling with quiting smoking. Because of the vaping ban people are concerned about there health. Thats basically how I quit smoking pot. Ciggaretts I still struggling with but did follow a special program that helps. So i cut my cravings in half.

  5. I quit also 6 months ago… but my health suffers from it…also my BP is to high. Now i gotta take BP meds. No way to unwind or cure anxiety… I miss it dearly.. Dont b a quiter…i dont reccomend it.

  6. Thanks for this vid twoo, I’ve been smoking weed since I was 14, heavily since I was 17, and desperately want to quit. I can see the signs of it helping when I slow my intake but it’s really hard to quit, especially when your appetite and social connections depend on being high.

  7. Hi Trav. I'm a big consumer of your videos. I find more of them really helpful, I do believe they help me have a better quality of life. Today I'm going to buy the whiteboard to keep track.
    I don't think I'll need a coach in the near future, as I'm in a very healthy place and at the moment your videos are enough input for me. I thought I'd at least leave a comment and thank you for your good, free content. I recommend your channel to my friends whenever I get the chance.
    Appreciate you.

  8. May you clarify the rewards? Also, was the extra sales you did a direct result of not smoking? Please go a lil more in depth. It’s interesting to hear your results from being sober. Not sure if I’m feeling the same, but the self discipline you have is great

  9. Nice man!
    I have a friend that decided to stop with weed this week, but due to police problems.
    I smoke since i was 13, and i know that escaping from school that time was a bad decision,but now i'm at 26, have a couple of beautiful kids, and married for 8 years with the love of my life.
    I finished school, didn't got to university, but I have a nice job in a technology company.
    Weed always has been a great help for me, in many situations, and i just started to grow again.
    We all have to balance things in life, and find a lifestyle that best suit our needs.

  10. I love your videos. Are you still playing Magic? If so, do you view it, or have you viewed it as an addiction-type behavior warranting a 'red X' like the other aforementioned behaviors? I am asking as a Magic player myself (who also struggles with the other red X addictions)

  11. I quit smoking weed a few months ago for the first week or two i was concerned because I was less creative and my music quality was affected. After the third week my creativity spiked hard! Im making some of the best music ive ever made in years. I had been smoking since I was a young teen up until my twentys and after seeing how its effecting just my music alone i wish I quit years ago. Currently going through the grueling process of teaching myself perfect pitch and if I had quit sooner im positive I would already have it mastered.

  12. I started smoking weed everyday again
    Is totally worth, 2 months is the reasonable tolerance break
    just gotta eat more often than u smoke and take showers
    haven't watered the plants
    but started making good 2nes again
    (Not for everybody lifestyle choices)

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