Product in this video: Herbivore emerald c a n n a b i s sativa hemp deep moisture glow oil Can be found here: …


  1. I loveeee this review and I also prefer a light consistency for oils. I‘d love to buy it from the shop you tagged. But do I have to pay customs duties? Cuz I live in germany. Please answer ♥️

  2. Can I point out that you might have candida overgrowth or some kind of digestive problems or food allergies that you dont know. I only say this because your tongue is really white. For myself i know that tongue is a good indicator of health 🙂

  3. I just bought hemp oil with collagen from Marshall’s and I got a 32 ounce container of it from Pharma table for $7.99. I love it too so far but I have combined it with some amazing Rosehip seed oil and hemp oil with collagen and Rosehip seed oil is amazing I just put all over my face and it feels better than when I use aloe it feels amazing I love it!

  4. Its not weed oil. It’s CBD. Cannabinol oil. There no thc in it, which is the compound that gets you high, but it has lots of anti inflammatory benefits and supposed to help with pain and other things

  5. If you use cbd oil on your skin, you will fail a drug test. It has to say 0.000% thc. Or you will fail. If you use full spectrum face cream you will fail a drug test. Seriously buy a 5$test and test your levels after using cbd oil. Even if it says 0% it is not regulated, buy a drug test just in case. It's better to he safe than sorry.

  6. Hi Love your vid…just wanted to say I received the Herbivore in Emerald sample with a Sephora purchase and I'm super sensitive to the smell of weed so, I can't stand the smell of it. I personally think weed smells like skunk. So, I don't want it on my face. However, I gave the oil a try anyway and as soon as I applied it to my face It started to tingle and I immediately felt like I was about to break out so, I quickly washed it off. Because, I don't have super dry skin, any type of oil based moisturiser usually tends to break me out. Although, I do have dry areas on my body and the oil does seem to feel super hydrating so If I were to purchase another one, I would, except probably in a different scent, like rose?Anyway, thank you ❤

  7. Your skin has been glowwwwing. I work at Shoppers and have all types of skin types asking me for recommendations. I have a lady who is always coming in because she feels like her skin is so dry. I give her samples to try and this one sample I assured her she would fall in love with. She came back to buy the product right away because she couldn't believe how hydrating it was for a cleanser. So I think, in combination with your cannabis oil, maybe try this cleanser. Its called Lise Watier cooling cream foam cleanser. And it smells… Delectable.

    Note: you dont need a lot, just a dime because it foams so much and it will last you forever.

  8. I have extremely dry skin as well and I layer and that works great for me. I use Tree Hut body butter then I wait for it to absorb and then I use an oil. It helps seal in the moisture. Also another amazing thick body butter is carried by Nubian Heritage. Glad you found something that works for you!

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