1. Yes sir you hit the nail on the head this time DC. Those mental midgets at Springfield Armory said that they didn't know what there political office which day give money to, was doing with their capital AKA money. Which is very funny to me because this officer of their manufacturing business had an office located right inside of the Springfield Armory production Center. I made this statement before and I'll make it again right here! You mean Springfield Armory didn't know what a fella was doing with hundreds of thousands of their dollars when his office was under the same roof? Do not own a Springfield Armory firearm but I do own a Rock River 9 mm AR carbine. It's a really nice AR carbine but it will be the last one I ever purchased from Rock River firearms. Springfield Armory is not the original Springfield Armory that made weapons for the military. A group of gun enthusiasts bought that name Lock Stock & Barrel back in the early 1970s. Their company cares about one thing one thing only being able to get by those laws that they helped fund and that's it. They don't care about the gun owner nor do they care about the mom and pop shops they put out of business with this ridiculous unconstitutional law they help fund and it passed. You should have seen the video the owner of Springfield Armory put out after the truth about guns busted him red-handed with his hand in the cookie jar. It was absolutely and total BS his excuse for this mess he helped create. Keep up the good work DC we're all watching you and cheering for you! Echo

  2. What drives me nuts is how many people get upset at me because I express my anger towards Springfield Armory. People tell me I need to look past the sellout and move on. I’m sorry, i can’t do that. Great video and very educational!

  3. Colt did what they did because sales were so low anyway. I mean with BCA and PSA hurting everybody with low prices. Of course us poor folks like these prices but the big brand folks don’t. It’s how the free market works.

  4. Absolutely man!!!
    Springfield and Rock River Arms lost a lot of business because they sold out their patrons when they basically bribed their way around that unconstitutional bill.
    When I’ve seen these YT channels reviewing that hellcat I’ve immediately unsubbed them.
    Springfield nor Rock River or anyone that supports them simply for their own benefit, they will not have my support.
    Unfortunately I live in IL, near Chicago, and I’m so frustrated that there are so many people here that are willing to sell out themselves and their neighbors for a bunch of lies and illusions. 😡
    I’m trying to stand firm and fight the good fight but I’m begging to feel like a one man army fighting a losing battle.
    I’m bout ready to move back to my home State of Texas to make sure they don’t end up in the same mess.

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