Indoor WEED GROW 🌱 Growing CANNABIS AT Home ‼️

Indoor WEED GROW Growing CANNABIS AT Home ‼️ Here is a quick update on week 6 of growing cannabis at home! I have not been home so it has been a …


  1. I think you should add 'every other day' updates in your videos, like when you see a change in your plants good/ bad record it so we can have something like a live update. If your not too busy, empress, peace

  2. Looking good I think your clones would do a lot better if you only transplanted once directly into the final pot so you can start your binding and topping earlier and less stress if you don't have to transplant 2 and 3 times but other than that looking great 👍🏿♥️♥️

  3. 🆔️🔞&👍Things will get better..your doing what needs to be topping&bending.i would add more light or lower lights.try powder milk to fertilizer or just water&milk if soil is new.wish I had your beauty & personality. Take a cannabis channel to a higher level, but I cuss to much and talk have beautiful friends & your young.those are great things for YouTube.

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