1. Huh okay I guess… sure why not. 🤷‍♂️ what is upsetting is that I have ADHD, and these kids mostly have it. The tea works. It has nothing to do with the sugar it’s the caffeine. It’s so sad that they are setting these kids up to fail. Yes, ADHD has helped me because my brain is wired to help me think outside the box. A common statement with people that have had to over come neurologically-based processing problems.

  2. The parents are putting this on their kids filling kids heads with rubbish people do have gifts but this is bullshit we should all do the online tests the whole planet will be 98% indigo

  3. There is an unseen realm. Those who can see it are not necessarily leaders. This awareness is there to help guide humanity. A true leader should not be seeking the job.

  4. 11:40 the woman talking about giving her child sugar iced tea: people with ADHD/ADD will paradoxically calm down when given stimulants because they are constantly under simulated and seeking stimulus.

  5. Is it real or just a bunch of people that want to be special or superior? Where are the miracles or proof of their supreme power? There's nothing new here except for like minded people with similar behavioral traits forming a group. Research history and you'll find people with extraordinary power from thousands of years ago to the present. Incidently why were they mostly white?

  6. I am Ultra ADHD … I am told that people that are ocd and have ADHD have inflammation as seen on brain scans. I told a VA psychologist I can't think like other people. I can''t work for others but feel good about working alone. I am accusted often of being a loner but actually like being around people. Never heard of this indego stuff … just seems like gifted people to me. Can't blame anyone for staying away from meds. Meditation as of late has been intriguing as I'm fed up with most religious stuff. I think the guy in the video was cool but may have been blinded by his own sense of hard core logic. As for myself I chose to keep an open mind and dig deeper 👃

  7. God …".a combination of every living thing on the planet"…….."The mass number of life and death accumulated in thru out all existance of all the universe's….in every parallel and every dimention,Be it light or dark or good or bad whether it be human plant animal insect alien adamant or inadamant.destructive or instructive deformative or informative.ready or not dead or alive physical or esoteric.so on and so forth

  8. As one of the undiagnosed early ones. I know its true for many people. But gifts vary.
    Some being stronger then others and the strength is lessened without use or in the aged.
    Serious life issues result from the indigo being drawn to the ones needing help–but are not able to be helped. This puts them in danger and creates situations where people fear the indigo and attack them in some way.
    Support is critical. As the indigo can become prey for the wicked, or mentally ill.
    This is how they are mis-diagnosed. They are not tolerated by many main stream people. They fear them deep down.( Especially after a demonstration of their powers).
    They are better protected by a strong relationship with God. In my experience.

  9. ADHD is a lie. People defending their kids who would have been brats or jokers or many kinds of bad students who become ancillary victims to corrupt pharmaceutical companies.

    Probably some demon possession too.

  10. I am a starseed, been to other planets, met with other beings from other planets,i have memory of my past life, still remember all what i did at the age of 1,i can see the unseen, i can heal and i can see every future event before it happens, .sometimes its really overwhelming being a Starseeds.

  11. Indigo kids exist,is true,use black magic of satan to open a channel through this power to stop other people to mind the pourpose of existance to this world:To made good to the humanity,the spread of Jesus Christ and the work of God the father all of us.This people(good people) have the abillity to communicate with god and receive the commands for exucute the plan of God on the hummanity,this mans and womens is the keys of the war between the bad and good of the world of God.I born in 1982 before first indigos borns and this is not random,is the plan of the God to make a fair war between me and other peoples who have the satan as drive in their lives.The war is ended because the God have the completely gonverment of my body,soul,and spirit and no anyone can control me without make damage to the soul of the self.Because i have the nuclear wapon the self books of God.This books is theotokarion,psalms of david,and the pray to the mother of God.The kids who use the black magic used from the goverments of the countries with the fear of the violence to drive this persons to do what they want:To help the satan to win the contract with God who is to take the thron of the God and Control and Create anything want with this unlimited power.

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