Is The UK Legalising Weed In 2018?

By the end of 2018, the UK will have legalised certain types of cannabis-derived medicines. This is great news for many patients, but will it lead to the …


  1. “What we’ve seen is stronger forms being used and it can have an impact on mental health” THEN LEGALISE IT… surely legalising it would mean they can grow safer strains with higher amounts of CBD etc meaning people will have less mental issues?

  2. Fucking bullshit, it's easier for patients to get prescriptions for fucking fentanyl, than cannabis related drugs, hmm what should we prescribe a drug which is practically impossible to O.D. on or a fucking opiate many times stronger than heroin.

  3. This women’s hasn’t got a clue, how embarrassing to us all in the uk 🙄…, She says she’s seen the impact on too many people on legalised weed when alcohol and tobacco are legal and are a lot worst than weed, this women need to give her head a wiggle 😫🧐…

  4. The benefits easily outweigh the negatives.
    Safer than 'street' variants.
    People use it illegally for pain already.
    Money spent policing around marijuana could be spent on better things.
    Government will make money; we could do with some of that judging by the current climate.
    And so on. What I also hate is that there are a small amount of people making the choices when proposed to change the current legislation regarding marijuana. Put it to a vote of the country, considering we're supposedly a damn democracy. (I suspect they are scared that the majority would want it legalized – even those that don't smoke it.)

  5. I personally want to see all evidence that the government/home office uses, scientific and police gathered, on the so called "clear harm cannabis can cause to individuals and society", and all, if any, papers used to counter these arguments. I'd start a government viewable poll but I don't really want my name going up on this topic.

    I think it's high time we had clear elucidation in regards to this issue.

    This taboo government stance can no longer continue, we need logic and data, not suspicion and subterfuge.

  6. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.

  7. Notice how many times Teresa may said the word “I” during her interview, it’s not about what she thinks it’s about what the British people think of cannabis
    P.s I wrote this high af 🍁🔥

  8. It will be legalised, its just a matter of time.
    Thankfully may stands no chance of reelection, Her logic is simple "It's illegal because it's bad, it's bad because it's illegal"

  9. Twitter @Cannabis_R_Ltd
    Medical Cannabis is almost impossible to access legally in the United Kingdom, driving thousands of desperate patients to the black market where the product is untested, unsafe and inconsistent.
    If you restrict medical cannabis in the UK to a very narrow scope of derived products, blocking out the many products that are available overseas and restrict the application of these to a few people it will lead to great disappointment huge missed opportunity.
    AS of NOW Nothing has actually changed.
    For updates follow us on Twitter @Cannabis_R_Ltd

  10. Great video yet I've got one massive gripe.. While I don't know the laws for most of the countries, you've forgotten to add Denmark to the Decriminalization list (2017, medicinal purposes) and the Netherlands has unique legalized trade and carry laws (5 gram/person making it technically a legalized status, not decriminalized). There could be more flaws and I hate to make an issue of it but felt it important to mention since it devalues the credibility of an otherwise great video. Have a great day! 🙂

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