1. ‎אנחנו איכות כיתה העליון אספקת מריחואנה מארה"ב ואנחנו עושים הספינה ברחבי העולם ראיתי אותך על קבוצת מברק מהתמונה שלך זה מראה כי אתה איש עסקים ולכן אני הודעה לך כדי ליידע אותך אם אתה מעוניין אני יכול לספק לך את הדברים הטובים ביותר שיש לך אף פעם לא לעשן לפני. האם הודעה לי בחזרה אם אתה מעוניין תן לדבר יותר טוב
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  2. "Kosher" cannabis? There is nothing inherently kosher or not kosher about cannabis. Classic CNN, posting a stereotype-style title that betrays their lack of interest in finding out about the truth regarding anything Jewish or Israeli.
    Even when they post something positive they have to do it in an insulting way.

  3. 1 video about medical marijuana in Israel and all the nutjobs come out of their holes to spout random jew hatred. Go crawl back in your hole and let the rest of the world keep on spinning.

  4. The U.S. government has been funding cannabis research in Israel ($150,000.00 per year) for over thirty years and our politicians have been whoring out all industries of America for decades.

  5. So Jewish American lawmakers helps pass bills in the past to arrest people for selling weed so the same Jewish lawmakers in America can have their Jewish buddies in Israel make it, grow it in America and jointly sell it with them to make this $20bn dollar profit a year because when we sell it they're not getting a cut. Am I understanding this right?

  6. Aw, I call for the NECKS of our legislators in the Hague, past Presidents, jews in general who listen to fascist militant leaders. I hope they ALL die and I hope someone ballsier than I starts getting the rich too.
    I praise EVERY Palestinian who saves America 166,666.00 PER jew.

    That is an OUTRAGE and in ALL these circumstances, there is somebody standing there IN THE WAY of proper investigations from 9/11, to the guy leaned on EPA to say air was CLEAR at ground zero that LED TO 7,000 toxic air related first reponder DEATHS

    In America, these are God given rights to speak truth to power and even to tell them right to their face that what you do is SO evil day to day, that YES, I would let you in my govt. get EVERYTHING the public wants to do to them.

    And yet, I am inciting nothing in my opinion. I am venting RAGE as that what the internet is HERE for.

    To constructively vent, and discuss just WHO is the bad guy and WHO is not. And then to demand what THEY do to other govts gets brought HERE on them.

    And then THEY will have to hide in spider holes.
    And I will point right out where I saw them go.
    It's like ordering loyalty. You must DESERVE the loyalty of an honest person. Or your being Russia.

    We dont boldly just obey them, or dictates anybody, right?

  7. delta-9 THC was first isolated by an Israeli scientist. They have always been at the forefront of research on cannabis. Get with it, Cannabis News Network.

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