Jet Fuel cbd hemp flower review from " Vermont Select"

This is my review of The Strain named jet fuel. It comes from Vermont Select. If you are under 18 please leave my channel. Nothing is for sale here, I do not sell …


  1. Does cbd give you any feelings in the body. Does it get you “high”. I’ve always wanted to try cbd but I don’t want it to get give me the same effects as thc dominant strains. Much love

  2. This is definitely a company I wanna try!!! Thank you 🙏 for all your awesome reviews and optimism makes the day even better when I see an upload from the legend of CBC reviews !

  3. I just ordered a variety pack oz off their website. Looking forward to sampling some of the various strains they have to offer. I love the nitrogen sealing! Gonna be nice and fresh when it gets here. Great video Taz! Vermont is awesome.

  4. Be careful with that knife. The way you smashed your head down like that with the knife so close to your neck you could have accidently stabbed yourslf in the juggular and died. Then what would we do?!?! We would be missin out on your videos.

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