1. Further study would require taking it off schedule 1, which doesn't allow research.

    Also, no studies are needed. Proof is in the pudding.

    The only "gateway" is the individual opening the gate…to hard drugs…which are legal…and deadly…unlike cannabis.

  2. My Canadian friend said legalizing weed made it way more expensive. Can anyone that knows more on this issue tell me if this is based in fact or not? I’m totally ignorant of the topic.

  3. Marijuana not only has medical benefits, but the sales are taxed and the revenue benefits areas which are economically depressed. Unless it is legalized on the federal level, dispensaries can’t accept credit and debit cards because of federal banking laws.

    Biden doesn’t want to decriminalize marijuana because for profit prisons prefer low level drug offenders. They are easier to control than violent felons.

    If you ever want to know why people like Biden and Trump are for or against something, follow the money.

  4. This man is the No We Can't candidate of this election he's the anti-Obama in terms of elections. The only explanation as to why this man is polling above single digits at this point is manufactured consent by the corporate media. We gotta break the corporate media outlets up, and mandate media outlets be worker co-operatives and that they have to be evenhanded in elections.

  5. Bernie is going to keep going up now. Warren can go ahead and team up with Biden, it won't save either of them. Mark my words, they will keep smearing Bernie and more people will react to it the way they did with the Warren fiasco. Too many people are opening up their eyes. It's time for the people to elect a real actual democrat, not another sold establishment permanent state robot.

  6. I'm "Berning" one for Bernie right now! He is such a hero to work for decades to inspire us all to engage in a worthwhile, difficult struggle, and he's still vigorously dedicated to this during what would be considered retirement age by most.

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