Kendra got high on marijuana from morning to night for years! What are marijuana's health effects?

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  1. Kendra, given your inspirational testimony, you have much to offer the anti-legalisation movement. I hope you take any and every opportunity to share your story with a wider audience. ✝️

  2. What about taking it for medical purposes for example I take it for neuropathy and chronic pain so is that included with the marijuana that people take it for pleasure? I hope not !

  3. This is so not even right do know the history of cannabis was gods holy healing oil and is all over the Bible I believe that it medicine that I do need in stead of pharmacy because god put all seed on earth for meat for man the plant isn’t evil but mans heart is and I was on so much fentanyl and oxy for fungal meningitis and throwing up yes weed was great and I was healed when doing so with a long conversation with god about it but all this was legal your heart won’t change because of this because you took to much we have a cannabinoid system built into us and some don’t produce all same chemicals so u can’t do this to masses because back in bible days it was a nasesasity u think god is trying to trick everyone because you have this doesn’t mean it’s right for the rest so it is not for everyone else I don’t understand because it doesn’t effect me like it does to others but ur heart and mind will be right because your heart is sounds like to me that you guys talk like u not saved or born again or awoken in anyway because I don’t rely on it but for anything but medicine or medical so why do we produce it natural plus it is helping me focus to be able to concentrate u tells people blasphemy because u produce this natural and not all is write for everyone the news and music for water and air and tech is so much worse for u but why is canna bosom used by god and Jesus so much and your study is off because I have read it all the pharmacy is losing money and pharmacy is sorcery u woman are straight lire’s and blasphemy and ears shame on u and I will pray for u

  4. Love you two! 💗 a devils advocate point.
    some ppl who were brainwashed as kids find that as adults thc helped undo the mind control, open their blocked memories, and brought them critical thinking that helps fight against programming as in on the news like on television or social media. So they proclaim it is for deprogramming and also very effective for anorexia and arthritis of all kinds. So there's that. that. 😉 great info new stuff Christine!! Praise Jesus and Mary. 🙏 I'm in RCIA

  5. Kendra, God bless you for your testimony. I know it was difficult to talk about your former addiction, but your courage has helped others who are struggling with their own demons. You are an inspiration and just know that you light up when you talk about God’s grace. It speaks volumes😀🙏Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thank you for being so open about this and sharing the light of truth of the Church's teaching on this, very helpful…God Bless you remember we carry our cross daily.

  7. I must comment. Even though I live for an audience of ONE now – this was very tough. 😟 I was a victim of the evil world for almost my entire life. I must give all GLORY AND HONOR to God for pulling me out of the pits of hell! If this helps one person, it is worth every shameful moment! Thank you, Jesus – I owe you everything! 😇❤

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