1. I have been doing omad and keto for almost 3 months now plus lifting weights . I know, I have lost weight but I refuse to look at the scale , Last time I weighted myself I was at 250 pounds ( 6feet tall ). My goal is to be at around 170 lb. In addition to this I trained myself to drink one gallon of water a day with some apple cider vinegar. I feel great, with lots of energy and thinking about doing this for possibly the rest of my life. I just turned 40 on the 14th and if I have my say , my body will never ingest another sugar or carb till my time is up here on earth.

  2. I am a 63 year old male, former runner, still active, still working full-time and on a Keto diet. I understand the attributes of fasting and one meal a day protocols. (as advocated by both Jason Fung and Valter Longo) Recently, I have been looking into the work of Dr. Stuart Phillips with respect to protein requirements, especially as we get older. I wonder if you could comment on balancing fasting with proper protein intake.

  3. For about 2 weeks now..
    I fast using 16/8 for my eating window during which I eat around 2000 calories of a Keto diet.
    I've been seeing good results: 1 pound loss a day

    After watching this video, I'm wondering If I have incorrectly combined the two together..

  4. Hello Thomas. thank u for great content. hope u see my question here.
    I'm doing Keto + intermitment fasting. So basically, I take 01 meal only at noon and fasting for rest of day. then I hit gym at evening, during fasting.
    I'd like to ask how I can build more muscle during fasting. When in the day should I take protein in order to build muscle?

  5. Thank you for this video. One question. For the IF do we fast the whole day on fasting days or is it 16 hours then a keto meal. I’m currently in moderate ketosis.

  6. Help. I am not losing more weight. I have cut out bread, pasta, most sugar (cream for coffee), I started adding the Collagen to my coffee. I don't eat until 1pm and I have dinner, protein and pickle or something like that..Celery etc. What Can I do?? I am taking Beef Liver capsule, B12, B6, Gallbladder capsule, Magnesium and Vit D-3…

  7. Just give me arugula, a little cheese, pecan pieces, allowable keto veggies, oil and vinegar, Cheyenne, dill, turmeric,etc. I feel cleaned out. Use occasional peas for carbs when I feel really worn out.

  8. Well I’ve been doing it from a while
    the most power I’ve got in my life!
    Training so hard only while fasting
    Now I want to try the 5 days fasting and also training so hard
    What do you think?

  9. I'm monitoring my ketosis so I measured my ketones after an 18 hour fast at 2,5. When I measured my ketones two hours later, after a 20 hour fast, my ketometer measured 1,7? How come? I didn't eat or drink a single thing during those 2 hours.

  10. Low carb and intermittent fasting (IF) work well together. …Over the years, I have found, that if you cut back on your carbs and get into a mild state of ketosis while fasting, you will get even better IF results.

  11. Interesting nugget of info regarding cold hands/feet. I've lost 28lbs on time-restricted eating and utilizing keto principles (higher fats, lower carbs). Past few weeks I've noticed my hands and feet getting cold and wasn't sure why. I'm 16/8 fasting daily for 60+ days – should I start to pull this back? Any recommendations?

  12. So deadass serious…. Is it possible to do KETO + 16/8 fasting for 6 days a week and 1 day of the week be like a cheat day? Doesnt necessarily talking "bad foods", more or so 1 day a week so I can drink beer finally again?

  13. Is it a bad idea to start ketosis and fasting off the hop? Should I allow my body to adjust to ketosis first or am I safe to start fasting. I work continental shifts which inadvertently cause me to fast sometimes as is. I'm 270 lbs 6'1 looking to make this lifestyle adjustment.

  14. Hi Thomas, I have been doing the 16-8 fasting for about 4 months now but not really watching what I eat…
    Now I want to incorporate a ketogenic diet to the mix, can I still do the 16-8 fasting method?

  15. For a long time I was doing 16:8 every day and keto lost over 40 pounds. Sadly, I have slipped badly and gained 15 pounds but I'm ready to go again. This time around should I NOT do 16:8 every day?

  16. Another good thing is if you're intermittent fasting and eaten your way into ketosis, the periods where you're fasting you'll likely not be doing anything to strenuous (walking about) which is aerobic and optional conditions for ketone to be bonded with oxygen and used. Though I also do running first thing fasted then eat my days worth of food afterwards.

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