1. Definitely need a whole new collection for 4/2020! Shadow palette lip scrub lip color mirror!! ALL OF IT! & then a reveal with LaGanja 💚💜💚🥦🌲🍀🍃🥬🤤 Jeffreeeeeeeeee you hear me???? Iconic day needs an iconic Jeffree Star Collaboration

  2. The “milk” conversation took me back to Jimin from BTS when he made a smoothie for Tony😂😂

    I know this isn’t the place to mention that but I literally JUST finished binge watching a bunch of BTS videos and it’s a default setting in my brain🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂😂😂sorry🤣🤣🤣

    Love you Jeffree💋

  3. I’m a Mary j fan !! I’m smoking now as I watch your vids! I love you Jeffrey ! Thank you for
    Your videos , whether “ Reviews or personal “ alll your ways of expression add another level of joy to my life !!! Your personality = 💙💙💙
    Stay true !!

  4. My ballet teacher requires that we wear tack lashes for performances but I’m allergic to lash glue and I’ve been using kush mascara and she hasn’t said anything because it works so well.

  5. So tell me why looking at only one eye done really was some what of a head trip… I’m originally from Michigan and my mom and sisters moved up to Grand Rapids a few years ago well really like 3/4 of my moms family but it’s so funny because Nate really is just a Michigan boy like for real trust me there’s a difference and I know because I’m with a Michigan man but we live in Kentucky so I’ve noticed a huge difference between the two I’m sure girls are the same way but ya know what I mean

  6. Jeffree. You need a palette with golds/tans, greens, purples and oranges. Not only are they natural tones that I myself would wear everyday but those colors make me think of weeeed. Lmao.

  7. I went out and got this mascara that comes in a 3 pack for a dollar more with brow gel and lip balm. All amazing! Thank you for the recommendation Jeffree! You never steer me in the wrong direction!

  8. CBD products are incredible! If you can’t smoke weed or don’t want to. I highly suggest you look into CBD products. CBD is NOT ILLEGAL. Marijuana has two main components: THC (the controversial substance that gets you high) & CBD (still contains many of the relaxing and healing properties of THC but is completely LEGAL and has no mind altering properties).
    I’ve been prescribed hundreds of narcotics for anxiety and pain and I started eating CBD gummies and it rivals the potent pills I am prescribed. I have no THC in my system- test clean and still feel the relief I used to experience when I was a smoker.
    So try CBD! But make sure it’s cannabis oil based NOT solely hemp based…. retailers like Amazon will try to sell you Hemp products that have the same perks as CBD but they do not! Hemp products are great too but if you want a strong pain killing, relaxation or and health boosting results from a product that doesn’t need a prescription and you can use right need to a police officer with no worries/ GET ON THE CBD TRAIN!
    I’m not surprised that Jeff approved this mascara due to the vast benefits of CBD infused products.

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