LED Grow Lights: Accelerated Harvest with Heliospectra's Spectral Control

“On our very first harvest with the Heliospectra lights… we were getting roughly almost a week less in our flower time.” – Kevin Biernacki, Head Grower, The …


  1. We would be happy if o buy used old lights and you can get new lights I need this light for quality medicine cbd I will buy your 2016 used lights on
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  2. We have a big indoor hemp grow can you sponsor use some lights I can pay for them when the farmers pick up there plugs at 4 bucks each thousand sold do the math please sponsor us hem farmers grow medicine
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  3. "we push the deep red" by turning off the blue… the marketing of dimming LEDs is just bs. youre using a dimmer switch to do the same thing as adjusting light distance. removing light "a" doesn't make light "b" more effective than when lights "a" and "b" were both on, especially since you're not hitting total saturation.

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