1. In the uk this plant is classed as hazardous waste by DEFRA and by law even to transport it requires a waste handlers license and must be wrapped in 3 sealed layers of root proof fabric disposal must be at a licenced handling facility where it will be buried at a min depth of 5metres, it is a criminal offence to dump ANY part of this plant in your house hold waste , this plant will regrow from any waste material left even after incineration some root was removed from a tunnel where it had not seen light for 200yrs in perfect condition and started to grow when exposed to light and I would certainly NOT recommend washing it on your grass or path , sinks rinse in a fine gauze catch pan

  2. Thank you for your time and help x this is definitely a plant in abundance here in wales uk – if enough people get to know the benefits it would stop it being classed as a problem plant x

  3. Do u have a website or another platform Incase they start censoring u? I hope that never happens 2 u bcuz u have amazing knowledge that I’m so grateful for u sharing!! Much❀️

  4. Thankyou once again most wonderful lady. May I ask a request? Ill go ahead as you will want to know maybe ? πŸ˜† ( hope so) could you make a video on chaparral ? πŸ’™β€πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’š

  5. Japanese Knotweed, in British Columbia, where I live, is a very aggressive, invasive plant that chokes out native plants.
    It is a blight on the natural environment of this area.
    Removal of Japanese Knotweed should only be done by people trained to do it. Otherwise, cutting or pulling it out results in its very rapid spread.
    It is irresponsible to advocate any harvesting or use of this noxious weed.

  6. Dear Magical Hoof.
    Are there any herbs that could help people with Parkinson's disease?
    Not asking for a cure of course, but maybe something that could help with the body being stronger in case of Parkinson's.
    I believe our bodies fight off a lot of things throughout our lives, but sometimes helping the body fight off ( Parkinson's in this case) might give that person a better quality of life in meantime.
    Thank You for all you do.
    You are a gem, really.

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